Have your cake and eat it meaning?

: to have or enjoy the good parts of something without having or dealing with the bad parts They seem to think they can have their cake and eat it too by having excellent schools for their son without paying high taxes.

For instance, Is it proof is in the pudding or putting? The proof is in the pudding

The true explanation of this phrase is quite simple: It doesn’t matter how fancy the decoration and presentation, the true test of a pudding is in how it tastes. Or, more generally, the success of something can only be judged by putting it to its intended use.

Truly, What does caught up in the heat of the moment mean? without stopping to think about what you are doing or saying, because you are angry or excited.

What is the meaning of odds and ends in idioms?

Idiom: odds and ends. a group of miscellaneous (often unimportant) things.

Then, What is the meaning of odd and ends?

Definition of odds and ends

1a : miscellaneous articles. b : miscellaneous small matters (as of business) to be attended to. 2 : miscellaneous remnants or leftovers odds and ends of food.

What does pudding mean in slang?

(slang) An attractive person; a hottie. Din kompis är en riktig pudding.

What is the meaning of the idiom knows the ropes?

To be familiar with the details of an operation: “You won’t have to train the new computer operator; she already knows the ropes.”

What is the meaning of the idiom to bury the hatchet?

To agree to end a quarrel: “Jerry and Cindy had been avoiding each other since the divorce, but I saw them together this morning, so they must have buried the hatchet.”

What do you mean by the idiom hit the nail on the head?

DEFINITION: It means “to do or say something that is exactly right.” You can use this phrase when someone finds the exact answer of a problem or a question. EXAMPLE: “You hit the nail on the head with this color of wallpaper for the living room; it looks better than I expected!”

What is the meaning of idiom oily tongue?

Definition of oily-tongued

: excessively smooth-spoken : unctuous.

What is the meaning of idiom on the carpet?

: to criticize (someone) for doing something wrong He was/got called on the carpet for missing the deadline.

What is the meaning of nip in the bud?

Definition of nip (something) in the bud

informal. : to stop (something) immediately so that it does not become a worse problem Inflation will only get worse if the government doesn’t do something right now to nip it in the bud.

What is the meaning of idiom kith and kin?

Definition of kith and kin

old-fashioned. : friends and relatives They invited all their kith and kin to their new home.

What does it mean to be off the hook?

Definition of let (someone) off the hook

: to allow (someone who has been caught doing something wrong or illegal) to go without being punished If you ask me, they let him off the hook too easily.

What does of no avail mean?

Definition of to no avail

: without success They tried to discuss the issue calmly, but to no avail.

What does proof in the putting mean?

Generally, the expressions are used to say that the real worth, success, or effectiveness of something can only be determined by putting it to the test by trying or using it, appearances and promises aside—just as the best test of a pudding is to eat it.

What does off pudding mean?

provoking uneasiness, dislike, annoyance, or repugnance; disturbing or disagreeable.

What does pudding mean in the UK?

The two meanings of « pudding »

American puddings are closer to what the Brits would call « custard. » A British pudding is a dish, savory or sweet, that’s cooked by being boiled or steamed in something: a dish, a piece of cloth, or even animal intestine.

What is the meaning of the idioms nest egg?

Meaning: Savings set aside for future use. Example: Roger worked hard when he was young so that he could retire with a substantial nest egg in his fifties.

What does the idiom cut the mustard mean?

To cut the mustard is “to reach or surpass the desired standard or performance” or more generally “to succeed, to have the ability to do something.” For instance, Beyoncé really cut the mustard in her new song.

What is the idiom of icing on the cake?

Definition of icing on the cake

: something extra that makes a good thing even better The concert itself was great, and getting to meet the band afterward was (the) icing on the cake.

What is the meaning of the idiom a snake in the grass?

Definition of snake in the grass

: a secretly faithless friend.

What is the meaning of burn the midnight oil in idioms?

burn the midnight oil. Stay up late working or studying, as in The semester is almost over and we’re all burning the midnight oil before exams. This expression alludes to the oil in oil lamps. [ Early 1600s]

What is the meaning of idiom to smell a rat?

To smell a rat is an idiom, the key word to understanding it is the adjective suspicious. Suspicious: causing a feeling that something is wrong or that someone is behaving wrongly.

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