How can you tell how old a Mason jar is?

So if you have some old jars, how do you know their true age? If you have a Ball jar, you can date most of them just by looking at the logo. Every few years, the Ball Manufacturing Co changed the logo and if you compare yours to a reliable chart, you know how old it is.

Consequently, How old are Atlas Mason jars?

What Is an Atlas Mason Jar? The glass company Hazel-Atlas, which is also known for making Depression glass, began production around 1902. The Atlas Mason jars were among some of their most important products.

Also question is, Why are old Mason jars blue?

Feeling Blue

Those blue mason jars were mass produced until 1937 using sand from around Lake Michigan. It was that sand that gave the glass its blue hue.

Besides How old are lamb Mason jars? #3 – The age of a Mason jar can be roughly determined by its manufacturer and logo. With short-lived companies such as Lamb, Atlas and Drey, it’s pretty easy dating their Mason jars. For instance, a Lamb Mason jar was made from the 1930s to 1940s by the Lamb Glass Co.

Also, Does Ball still make Mason jars?

Interestingly, Ball no longer manufactures Mason jars, but has expanded and grown into a worldwide company that makes everything from metal containers to aerospace parts.

What Mason jars are the most valuable?

10 Rarest Mason Jars Ever Made

  • Lightning Jar.
  • EZ Seal by Hazel-Atlas.
  • Mason’s Improved Jar.
  • Mason’s Zinc Lid Jar.
  • Amber Beaver Jar.
  • The Chief Mason Jar.
  • Willoughby Stopple Jar.
  • Black Amber Magic Star Fruit Jar.

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Can you pressure can with Atlas Mason jars?

Some home canners still feel comfortable using these older, heavier Classico Atlas Mason jars for water-bath canning in a pinch.

Is Mason jar a brand name?

In 1871, Mason partnered with Boyd in the Consolidated Fruit Jar Company which licensed Mason jar patents to numerous glass makers. Mason applied for and received a United States trademark, which was registered on May 23, 1871, as U.S. Trademark no.

What is the difference between a Ball jar and a Mason jar?

The glass is made in the same batch, the only differences are the molds – whether they say « Ball » or « Kerr » is only cosmetic. A Mason jar, named after John Landis Mason who first invented and patented it in 1858, is a molded glass jar used in home canning to preserve food.

What are vintage Mason jars worth?

The smaller and more common vintage jars usually sell for less than $20. However, the vintage green jars or those with special wire carriers can sell in excess of $300.

What is a Drey Mason jar?

One that he never was able to completely answer involves the Drey jars. … The Drey jars were Schram’s secondary line, and they came in a variety of styles and embossing. They are most famous for the Drey boss, a glass projection on the neck used to anchor the wire bail on a lightning-style jar.

What happened to Ball Mason jars?

Today, the Ball brand mason jars and home canning supplies belongs to Newell Brands. Other distributers I spoke to relayed not being able to give any estimates of when they could fulfill orders due to an increased demand on their supplier.

Why are Mason jars so expensive?

So why are Mason jars so expensive? … We go through the trouble of growing our own produce, making our own preserves, and then all the cost savings is taken up by an expensive glass jar with a red checker lid.

Is Ball jars going out of business?

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — The company that makes Ball Mason jars will soon close its factory in Muncie, Indiana. Manufacturing operations are scheduled to stop in the summer of 2019. Company officials say the decision was made after reviewing necessary upgrades and improvements.

Why is it called a Mason jar?

The Mason jar, named after American tinsmith John Landis Mason, who patented it in 1858, is a molded glass jar used in home canning to preserve food. … While the bands are reusable, the lids are intended for single-use when canning.

Is Golden Harvest made by Ball?

Golden Harvest brand Mason jars for home canning are a lower-priced line of Mason jars sold by the Newell Corporation, which also owns Ball, Bernardin and Kerr jars. … The Golden Harvest jars are considered of quite good quality by most people. There is no website for Golden Harvest.

Can I can with Atlas Mason jars?

The jars being stamped Mason Atlas has more to do with marketing than anything else. They are lighter than actual mason canning jars, although the seals and rings for mason jars will fit on them. Therefore, you should NOT use empty Classic jars for home canning!

Are Atlas Mason jars freezer safe?

Mason jars are a workhorse in the kitchen, and are the perfect simplified storage solution because they can be used in so many different ways. They’re durable, are plastic-free, inexpensive, and work perfectly in the pantry, fridge and in the freezer.

What can you use instead of a Mason jar?

Try glass cylinder vases, mercury glass and more instead. Planning a wedding or party? Try glass cylinder vases, mercury glass and apothecary jars instead.

Why are there no Mason jars?

« The demand has resulted in supply constraints, extended lead times and recently limited product availability at stores and online, » a company spokesperson said in a statement, according to CNN.

What is the purpose of a Mason jar?

Mason jars can help you to preserve foods, store leftovers in your kitchen, hold ice cold beverages on a hot day, and even are great for displays and light crafting in your home – but they have no place in the oven.

Is ball better than Kerr?

Ball, Kerr and Golden Harvest are all made by the same company and as far as I can tell they’re the same quality but they’re each slightly different shapes. One brand is a little more slender and taller and one is squattier and rounder.

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