12 mouth-watering recipes for anyone

Juliana Lima

Typical national dish, eating a feijoada is synonymous with happiness for many Brazilians. However, those who think that only meat lovers can enjoy this meal are wrong. Vegan feijoada is delicious and there are several recipes for all tastes. Check out the following great options!

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1. Vegan beans with fried tofu

Carolina Werneck

The first recipe for beans with vegan food uses fried tofu to give a special touch to the dish. Check out all the details and tricks in the video!

2. Vegan beans of vegetables

Here, the idea is to prepare this recipe with vegetables and avoid ingredients that look like meat. Also, you will learn how to make a delicious vegan farofa to eat with the feijoada.

3. Vegan beans with seitan

Another way to prepare this feijoada is to use seitan, a vegetable meat derived from gluten. You can also use other types of vegan meat in the recipe. Once ready, serve with manioc flour and enjoy!

4. Vegan beans with meat and sausage vegetables

This recipe must be prepared in stages: first, cook the black beans, then the vegetables and meat, and finally the tofu. Watch the video and learn a wonderful trick for tofu to stay on the right spot!

5. Vegan beans with shitake

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How about adding mushrooms to the recipe? We guarantee: the result is wonderful! Besides, the nutritional highlight of this recipe goes to the seasoning and the coconut flakes: the latter are excellent sources of saturated fat.

6. Vegan beans with shimeji and turnip

One more suggestion to prepare this incredible meal. Here, besides shimeji and turnip, you can use spices like leek, rosemary, black pepper and paprika. Serve with rice, farofa and cabbage. Enjoy your meal!

7. Vegan beans with pumpkin and palm heart

How about varying and using pumpkin and palm heart to prepare a delicious feijoada? The secret of this recipe is to put the pumpkin to cook with the beans. In the video, you still learn an amazing tip to grill the heart of palm and season it.

8. White bean vegan beans

The Charming House

Try preparing the beans using the white beans. This is because it reduces carbohydrate absorption and helps prevent diabetes. In addition, the recipe uses powdered smoke, a spice that gives smoky taste to dishes. Check out the details on A Casa Encantanda blog!

9. Vegan beans with pepper sauce

Pepper lovers will love that suggestion! The main tip is to be quick when preparing vegetables. That’s because if they cook too much, they’ll lose all texture.

10. Vegan beans with stewed cabbage

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How about preparing a delicious feijoada with super accessible ingredients and still learn how to make side dishes, such as farofa and sauteed cabbage? Write down all the necessary items and check the step by step video!

11. Vegan beans with garlic flour

Here, you will use the garlic to prepare a delicious farofa that accompanies the feijoada. In the video, you’ll see a super tip to cut the tofu of the same size and without sticking to anything.

12. Vegan beans with crackling

Have you ever thought about making a vegan cracker to add to feijoada? Then that’s exactly what you’ll learn in this recipe. Check out all the details on how to prepare and test it today!

There are plenty of options for you to kill the will of this traditional Brazilian dish, aren’t there? And our tips don’t stop there: check also how to prepare a delicious vegan dessert!

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