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The jackfruit thigh is a great treat for vegetarians and vegans. The shredded fruit has a texture similar to chicken and its taste is neutral, so it is possible to use the most varied spices. With the exception of the first recipe on the list, all other options are free of ingredients of animal origin. See how to prepare them:

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1. Simple jackfruit thigh

If you don’t want any major complications when preparing your thigh, it’s worth checking out the tips in this recipe. Here, the dough is made with wheat flour, water, milk, chicken broth and butter. The filling is made with jackfruit, onion, tomato, salt and paprika. Vegetarian, this is an option that will conquer your palate.

2. Shoyu with jackfruit drumstick

This is a recipe that is already a delight for taking potatoes in the preparation of pasta. To make the filling taste incredible, the tip is to use shoyu. The list of ingredients in this option may not be the shortest, but most of them are spices, which guarantees an irresistible taste.

3. Jackfruit drumstick with paprika

For a very colorful filling that generates an explosion of flavors with each bite, the proposal of this recipe is to combine jackfruit with garlic, purple onion, paprika, tomato, parsley, spring onion and salt. To wrap this filling, a potato dough comes on the scene.

4. Black pepper jackfruit drumstick

If you enjoy a treat with a spicier footprint, check out the tips on this recipe. Here, besides the black pepper, curry also comes on the scene to guarantee this result. Both spices are used in the preparation of the dough, which is amazing together with the jackfruit filling.

5. Jackfruit drumstick with white pepper

Vegan Journey

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Now, for those who prefer a more neutral dough and a well seasoned filling, it is worth paying attention to this recipe. Here, the jackfruit is seasoned with white pepper, garlic, curry and salt. In addition, paprika and olives are also part of this stage. See the complete step by step for testing at home.

6. Leg of jackfruit with olives


In order to go beyond the spices when increasing its filling, the proposal of this recipe is to mix olives with jackfruit. This is a simple ingredient, but it makes all the difference in the result. Check the way it’s prepared and enjoy the result.

7. Leg of jackfruit with corn and olives

Jackfruit, corn and olives form a perfect combination to be used as a filling for your thigh. To improve it even more, the dough is very simple to make. It’s worth a try!

8. Jackfruit thigh with panko


Panko is a flour made with bread, but it has a more flocky texture than breadcrumbs. Here, it is used to bread the drumstick, which guarantees a crispy peel for your salt. This way, you close your preparation with a golden key. Watch the step by step.

9. Gluten-free jackfruit drumstick

Do you like to avoid wasting food? In this recipe, the jackfruit seed is crushed and used to make the dough along with sprinkle, onion, Brazil nut, coconut oil and salt. The fruit is used in the filling and, thus, you make a good use of the food.

10. Stuffed jackfruit thigh

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You think I don’t fill a lot of stuffing is nonsense? Here, besides the jackfruit filling, vegan cheese is also used inside the pasta. This way, you guarantee a touch of creaminess for your delicacies.

11. Doughless jackfruit drumstick

To add to the filling, this recipe mixes vegan curd cheese with jackfruit. To bread the salty, first you must pass the drumstick in a mixture of wheat flour and water. Then, it’s time to use the breadcrumbs. To finish, just fry it.

12. Healthy jackfruit thigh

Would you like to enjoy a healthy, vegan and still gluten-free thigh? Then that’s the perfect recipe. Here, in addition to a choice of the right ingredients, the deli is baked.

13. Jaca fit thigh

To close the list, a recipe in which the pasta is made with manioc, olive oil and salt. The filling is made with jackfruit, and for breading, the tip is to use linseed flour. In addition, this is another option for the oven.

With so many tasty recipes, it’s really hard to choose which one to test first. To venture into other dishes free of animal ingredients, check also how to make vegan pizza.

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