14 recipes to kick ass at snack time

Zucchini chips are an easy to make and versatile snack. With a neutral flavour, this is a vegetable that goes well with the most varied spices. It can also make a crunchy crust that leaves the texture irresistible. Did you get water in your mouth just by imagining? Then check out the list of recipes.

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1. Zucchini chips


Extremely uncomplicated, this is a recipe that relies on a sure-fire trick to make your chips crisp. To do this, you have to leave the zucchini slices at rest on a sheet of paper towel and covered with salt. This way, the vegetable loses a good amount of water. See the detailed step-by-step to try it out.

2. Zucchini chips with basil

Similar to the previous recipe, the great differential of this option is in the addition of basil to the preparation. This way, your chips will be well seasoned and taste irresistible. And the best of all: without having much extra work in the kitchen. It’s worth a try.

3. Zucchini chips with sea salt


A basic spice already makes all the difference in the taste of your chips, and this recipe is here to prove it. The ingredients chosen for this function are sea salt and black pepper. Also, the tip is to pass oil over the vegetable before taking it to the oven. Check out the complete preparation mode.

4. Zucchini chips with curry

In this recipe where the chips get very crispy, the zucchini is seasoned only with salt before going to the oven. When your snack is ready, it’s time to season it with curry and paprika, two spices with a flavor beyond striking.

5. Zucchini chips with almond flour

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How about making chips with a crispy crust? To do this, you have to cut the zucchini, pass the slices in beaten eggs and then in a combination of almond flour and parmesan cheese. To finish, just take the vegetable to the oven to bake. Simple and practical, this is an option that can be a great success on your table.

6. Zucchini chips breaded and fried

In this recipe, dish cloths are used to remove some of the water from the zucchini already sliced. In the sequence, the slices go into a bag with wheat flour and potato starch. Then, just take your snack to fry in hot oil and sprinkle salt at the end.

7. Zucchini chips in the airfryer

Is it practicality you want? Then check out this recipe. Here, the zucchini is sliced and seasoned with salt and mixed with grated Parmesan cheese. Then just take it to airfryer. No complications, you get a crispy, irresistible taste.

8. Zucchini chips breaded in Parmesan

Well seasoned, this is a recipe in which the zucchini slices are first passed in a mixture of water, lemon juice, olive oil, crushed garlic, salt and black pepper. Afterwards, it’s time to pass them in grated Parmesan cheese and take them to roast.

9. Zucchini chips with paprika

Another alternative of breaded chips, here, the vegetable slices go first into a bowl with egg, black pepper and paprika. In the sequence, the Parmesan cheese comes on the scene. To finish, just put your snack in the oven.

10. Zucchini chips with parmesan and breadcrumbs

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If for you little crunchiness is nonsense, how about breading the zucchini with parmesan and breadcrumbs? This way, it’s very easy to reach this texture, but first you have to pass the vegetable in milk. Made in the oven, this recipe is very short.

11. Zucchini chips with oregano and parmesan

The suggestion of this recipe is to season eggs with salt and oregano to pass the zucchini on them. After that, the vegetable is still breaded with Parmesan cheese. This is a simple combination, but one that can already please the most varied palates.

12. Zucchini chips in parmesan and vegetable broth

Another alternative for zucchini breading is to use vegetable broth and Parmesan cheese. This way, you escape from the common and get a well seasoned snack, even without having to follow a complicated step by step. It’s just vain!

13. Crunchy zucchini stick chips

In addition to the toothpick format, this recipe has another differential. It is breaded with eggs and a mixture of crushed wholemeal bread with grated Parmesan cheese. In this way, the crust is beyond crunchy.

14. Low carb zucchini chips

To end the list, a recipe in which the zucchini is mixed only with oregano, zaatar and pepper. After that, it goes in the oven. Ah, it is also worth using other spices of your preference.

As you can see, there is no shortage of zucchini chip options to savor. It’s really hard to choose which one to test first, isn’t it? Taking advantage of the healthy food climate, how about getting to know the Greek salad too? It’s light and very refreshing.

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