15 recipes to taste a French pie


The vegetable quiche is a dish that mixes crispness and creaminess in a single fork. It falls as well as a starter, at snack time and even as a main meal. It all depends on the size of your hunger. Check out the list of recipes below and choose your favorite option!

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1. Simple vegetable quiche

Is it practicality you want? Then it’s worth following this recipe. Here, the tip is to use a ready-made puff pastry. That way, you only have to worry about the filling, the assembly and the time in the oven. Check out the detailed step-by-step video!

2. Vegetable quiche with cherry tomatoes

In this recipe, the quiche dough takes cream, which makes it very light and not too brittle. The vegetables chosen for the filling are carrots, broccoli, potatoes and cherry tomatoes. This is a simple combination, but full of flavor.

3. Vegetable quiche with ricotta

Are you looking for a recipe with a healthier footprint? Well differentiated, this is a quiche that takes wholemeal bread instead of dough. Meanwhile, the creamy filling is light ricotta, egg and natural skimmed yogurt, plus vegetables. With a practical and quick preparation, you still get an assembly for individual portions.

4. Vegetable quiche with leek and nutmeg

That’s another alternative that gets pie dough ready. A differential of this recipe is that the vegetables are baked before being used as filling. To close with a golden key, you can still enjoy the aromatic flavors of leek and nutmeg.

5. Quiche of vegetables with cheeses

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Minas cheese and mozzarella are the ones chosen for this recipe. However, if you want, you can also use gorgonzola, gouda or goat cheese. Combined with vegetables, cream and a crunchy pasta, the result is simply irresistible!

6. Vegetable quiche with bacon

With a crispy homemade pasta, vegetable filling with bacon, creamy topping and parmesan cheese finishing, it’s hard not to enjoy this pie. To improve it even more, the preparation method is very simple to follow.

7. Vegetable quiche with bacon and cream cheese

You like the recipe above, but want a more nuanced touch for your quiche? In this recipe, the cream of the topping takes gruyère cheese. With a single ingredient, you can already innovate in taste. It’s worth checking it out step by step!

8. Vegetable quiche with potato dough

Potato is that ingredient that’s good for everything, isn’t it? So how about combining that vegetable to make your pasta? For that, the potato is grated raw and mixed with eggs and spices. And there’s more: besides the vegetables, ricotta is also part of the filling.

9. Vegetable quiche with whole flour and asparagus

For a healthier quiche, the proposal of this recipe is to use whole wheat flour in the preparation of the dough. Another differential of this option is that it is free of ingredients of animal origin, so it is free for vegans!

10. Creamy vegetable quiche

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This uncomplicated quiche has crispy dough and zucchini and carrot filling. The topping has a cream made with cream, eggs and grated Parmesan cheese. Irresistible!

11. Quiche of vegetables without flour and without milk

This is a quiche recipe that gets extremely light. The preparation consists of mixing grated zucchini and chayote with beaten eggs, salt, black pepper and baking powder. Without complications, the result is healthy and tasty.

12. Gluten-free and lactose-free vegetable quiche

To be gluten-free, the dough in this recipe contains white rice flour and wholegrain rice flour. For the cream, the tip is to use lactose-free cream and parmesan cheese. The vegetables chosen for the filling are carrots and zucchini.

13. Vegan vegetable quiche

In this recipe, the dough is made with wheat flour, salt, baking powder, water and oil. The filling includes carrots, broccoli, spinach, vegan cream and spices. The ingredients used are simple, but the result is very good. You bet!

14. Vegan whole vegetable quiche

Do you want a recipe free of ingredients of animal origin and with a healthier footprint? Then it’s worth betting on a dough made with whole wheat flour. The vegetables for the filling are zucchini, tomato and carrot. Vegetable milk cream and vegan grated cheese also come on the scene.

15. Quiche of gluten-free vegan vegetables

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In this proposal, the suggestion is to use buckwheat, rice flour and chickpea flour to make the gluten-free dough. For the filling, you will only need tomato sauce, eggplant, zucchini, tomato, purple onion, leek and spices.

It makes your mouth water just from seeing such a tasty recipe, doesn’t it? If you’re still in doubt about what to prepare, take a look at some leek quiche recipes that are also delicious!

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