16 recipes to test a French dessert

The chocolate soufflé is a type of cake with an extremely soft interior and covered with a crunchy shell. This makes it a sweet dessert and can make a great success on your table. And there’s more: even though it is of French origin, its preparation is not complicated. Check it out:

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1. Plain chocolate soufflé

Handmade, this recipe has only four ingredients: chocolate, butter, eggs and sugar. This is a simple combination, but sure to get a soufflé with a taste of want more. Even being divided into stages, the step by step is easy to follow. For an extra charm in decoration, the tip is to use icing sugar.

2. Chocolate soufflé with cocoa powder

To obtain an intense flavor, this recipe takes cocoa powder and chocolate half bitter. The preparation consists of melting the chocolate and mixing it with milk, cocoa powder, egg yolks and sugared egg whites. Then, just take your soufflé to roast in pots greased with butter and sprinkled with sugar. To finish, the tip is to use chocolate shavings.

3. Chocolate soufflé in the microwave

Don’t you want to take the soufflé dough to the oven? No problem! Here, the tip is to bake the muffin in the microwave. That way, the waiting time is even shorter. Another advantage is that you don’t have to beat the egg whites. It’s just practicality and without leaving the taste out.

4. White chocolate soufflé

White chocolate also makes a delicious soufflé and this recipe is here to prove it. You can also check how to make a red fruit coulis for the filling if you want a better result. The result is a contrast of flavors that can leave anyone drooling.

5. Chocolate soufflé with oilseed flour

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Gluten free, this recipe leaves the wheat flour aside. Instead, you can use a flour of your favorite oilseeds or crushed nuts. In addition to this ingredient, you will also need eggs, half-bitter chocolate and demerara sugar.

6. Chocolate soufflé with cornstarch

To make the soufflé texture fluffy, this recipe uses cornstarch. It is mixed with butter, hot milk, chocolate, egg yolks, egg whites and vanilla essence. This last ingredient also helps to flavor your sweet.

7. Chocolate soufflé with coffee extract

How about enjoying a taste that doesn’t go unnoticed? To do so, this recipe proposes mixing chocolate and coffee extract. The good thing is that the result does not get so sweet and can conquer the most varied palates. See all the preparation tips in the video.

8. Chocolate soufflé with cream


In this recipe, the fresh cream helps to balance the striking taste of cocoa powder and dark chocolate that are also used. In addition, it helps to give lightness to the sweetness, along with corn starch. See how to prepare to try it.

9. Chocolate soufflé with rum

In this recipe, you give the right tips to make a soufflé in the best French style. Here, the base of the candy is made on the stove and then incorporated into the egg whites. This is an option where the dough grows a lot, becomes very light and is still flavored with rum.

10. Chocolate soufflé with pistachio syrup

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To obtain a more augmented dessert, the proposal of this recipe is to cover the soufflé with a syrup made with bitter chocolate, unsalted butter and pistachio. In addition, baking soda still comes on the scene to help the dough grow.

11. Chocolate soufflé with Nutella

Nutella is that kind of ingredient that makes a success in the preparation of the most varied desserts, and here it is also like that. To further differentiate this recipe, it is made without wheat flour. The ingredients used are milk, cream, butter, sugar, eggs, salt, cocoa and Nutella.

12. Traditional French chocolate soufflé

To make this recipe, you must first mix butter, wheat flour, salt and black pepper. Then, this mixture goes into a pan with boiling milk flavored with lemon zest and sweetened with sugar. In the sequence, chocolate and egg yolk come on the scene. Finally, the egg whites also go into the pot. Anyway, it’s just baking.

13. Chocolate soufflé with anglaise cream

Chocolate soufflé is good on its own, accompanied by an anglaise cream, even better! Never heard of that cream? The name may not be the easiest, but the preparation is simple and takes milk, fresh cream, hazelnut, vanilla beans, yolks and sugar. This makes it easy to make dessert time much tastier.

14. Chocolate soufflé petit gâteau

The proposal of this recipe is to unite two tasty desserts in one. The candy looks like a common soufflé, but on the first bite you can already find the creamy filling. Want even more? Serve a scoop of ice cream as a side dish.

15. Chocolate fit soufflé

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Made with only two ingredients, this fit recipe is a great recipe for those seeking practicality. Here, it is only necessary to beat the egg whites and incorporate chocolate 60% melted cocoa little by little. Then, just take the candy to bake.

16. Low carb chocolate soufflé

To make this low carb version, you will use egg whites, salt, xylitol or other sweetener of your choice, 70% cocoa chocolate, coconut oil and 100% cocoa. With the right substitutions, you can make a sweet with a low amount of carbohydrates and that is still very tasty.

By following all the preparation tips, you can obtain a successful result calmly. So, how about choosing a recipe? To venture even further into this universe of French confectionery, see also how to make macaroons and increase the level of difficulty.

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