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Mandioquinha soup is a comforting dish, ideal for warming the coldest days in a delicious way. Besides, it can be made from simple versions to more elaborate ones, which have ingredients like cheese and bacon. Interested? Then check out the selection below, which has the best recipes for you to test right now!

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1. Plain mandioquinha soup

No complications, you’ll be surprised at this soup. To prepare it at home, you need to have in your Mandioquinha hands, onion, red and yellow peppers, vegetable broth, saffron, salt, margarine and oil. The texture is very creamy and the taste is irresistible.

2. Mandarin soup with parmesan crust

Would you like to add some basic parsley manioc soup? For that, this recipe proposes making a crust of parmesan. The soup is made with mandioquinha, onion, butter, salt, pepper and chicken stock. The crust is made with cheese only, and for finishing, the tip is to use parsley. As a result, you have a dish that will make a great success on your table.

3. Mandarin soup with shitake

In this recipe, only five ingredients are needed. Write down which are: parsley manioc, dried shitake, onion, garlic and bay leaf. Even using so few items, you get a delicious result. To improve even more, step by step is quite simple.

4. Vegan mandioquinha soup

Free of ingredients of animal origin, this recipe takes Mandioquinha, carrots, cabbage, nutmeg, ginger powder, cumin powder and salt. The combination of vegetables looks great and the spices help to close the dish with a golden key. The preparation is in a pressure cooker, which guarantees practicality and little time in the kitchen. It’s worth a try!

5. Mandarin soup with yam


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Combining vegetables is a great alternative for those who want a nutritious and flavorful soup. Here, the chosen ones are parsley manioc, yams and potatoes. For the seasoning, the suggestion is to use onion, garlic, vegetable stock and black pepper. See the step by step to taste.

6. Mandioquinha soup with cream

How about a nice, creamy soup? To achieve this texture, the recipe relies on the addition of cream. This is a simple ingredient, but it makes all the difference in the result. As the list of ingredients is short and the way of preparation is simple, there is time left for you to enjoy each spoonful.

7. Mandarin soup with chicken

Some people say soup isn’t dinner. Thinking about it, how about preparing a more complete dish, which, besides the vegetable, also has a meat? Chicken and manioc parsley go very well together. That way, you get a dish that is very tasty and nutritious.

8. Mandioquinha soup with sausage

Another alternative to give your dish more flavour is to add smoked sausage or even Calabresa sausage. Also, in this recipe, the sausage is beaten in the blender after cooking. This way, you guarantee a creamy texture without needing a specific ingredient for it.

9. Mandioquinha soup with cream cheese

In this recipe, milk and cream cheese are used to make the texture of the soup very creamy. To further improve, Parmesan cheese gives a special touch to the dish. This is a simple recipe, but with a simply irresistible taste and texture. Try it!

10. Mandarin soup with spinach

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Nutritious and delicious, this soup deserves a space in your recipe book. Here, the main ingredients used are parsley manioc, spinach, potatoes and sausage. Besides them, you will only need to have olive oil and spices in your hands. As if all this wasn’t enough, the way of preparation is quite simple.

11. Mandarin soup with carrot and noodle

How about preparing a quick soup for your next meal? Here, the recipe is made in the pressure cooker. In addition, the cassava and carrot are ground with a mixer for a creamy texture. After that, the noodles also go into the pot.

12. Mandarin soup with potato and tomatoes

In this recipe, besides parsley manioc, potatoes and tomatoes, you will only use olive oil and spices. Even with a list of basic ingredients, the result is very tasty. It makes you want to run to the kitchen to test it, right? First, watch the step by step video.

13. Mandioquinha soup with vegetables

The Mandioquinha already makes a delicious soup, but combined with carrot, pumpkin and tomato, the result is even better! But that’s not all, see? Bovine muscle also comes on the scene to make the dish more complete.

14. Mandioquinha soup with minced meat

Ground meat is a wildcat in the kitchen, right? Thinking about it, how about using it to increase the taste of your parsley manioc soup? With affordable ingredients, you get an extremely tasty meal.

15. Mandarin soup with dried meat

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Do you like dishes that contrast flavors? Then that’s more like it. Here, parsley manioc is slightly sweetened, while the dried meat is salty and quite remarkable. These ingredients together generate a result that will leave many people salivating.

16. Creamy mandioquinha soup with calabresa and bacon

Mandioquinha, calabresa and bacon form quite a trio. If you want to delight yourself with different flavors, this could be the perfect recipe. To improve even more, step by step is extremely practical. Check out all the tips in the video.

17. Creamy mandioquinha soup with calabresa

How about you make a nice, creamy manioc soup? To achieve this texture, the vegetable is combined with milk, cream cheese and cream cheese. To give more flavor to the dish, mozzarella, calabresa and spices are also part of the recipe. It’s worth checking the way it’s prepared.

18. Mandioquinha soup with calabresa and vegetables

You may have noticed that the combination of parsley manioc and calabresa becomes a delight. To innovate in the preparation, the tip of this recipe is also to use potatoes and carrots. In addition, the finishing touch is a mixture of herbs, spices and cashew nuts.

19. Mandioquinha soup on Italian bread

This recipe is perfect for those seeking a more charming soup presentation, which is ideal for special occasions. For that, the cassava soup with bacon and calabresa is served inside a round Italian bread.

20. Light mandioquinha soup

A light recipe doesn’t have to be dull, and that recipe is here to prove it to you. Made in the pressure cooker, this soup has as main ingredients manioc parsley and pea. Besides them, you’ll also need garlic, onion, saffron, vegetable stock, sea salt, pepper, green smell, leek and olive oil.

Did you like the above recipes? With so much variety, you can enjoy the mandioquinha soup without falling into the routine. And if you love dishes that send the cold away, learn different ways to prepare a pumpkin cream as well.

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