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For those who love recipes free of ingredients of animal origin, we have separated amazing preparations of vegan cake: they are delicious options and great alternatives for lactose intolerants. To check them out, keep looking at the material and learn how to make these delicacies!

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1. Vegan chocolate mug cake


Made in just 3 minutes, this recipe takes only simple ingredients such as wheat flour, cocoa powder, sugar, yeast, water and oil. To make this cake at home, follow all the details in the video.

2. Vegan lemon cake

That cake will surprise you by getting super soft and tasty! Besides the lemon, the recipe includes brown sugar, coconut and yam milk.

3. Vegan orange cake

This cake is citrus in size and made with easy ingredients. To finish, it has a shiny and appetizing syrup!

4. Vegan carrot cake

Carrot cake with chocolate icing is a classic and this recipe is a real find, which preserves the moisture, color and taste of the carrot. In addition, the syrup is made with cocoa powder, brown sugar, water and coconut oil.

5. Vegan cornmeal cake

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This recipe is made entirely in the blender, with simple ingredients such as cornmeal, water, oil, sugar and apple vinegar. With the flaked coconut and guava, you can give that up.

6. Vegan apple cake

Because it is rich in fiber, the apple peel is not left out of the recipe. Besides composing the dough, it is also used on top to decorate and make it more delicious. The interesting thing about the cake is that a mix of fuji apple and green apple is made, balancing the flavor.

7. Vegan coconut cake

In addition to containing accessible ingredients, it is an alternative to using coconut milk waste. Even homemade coconut milk is used in the dough and the little kiss that goes on top, leaving the cake supreme.

8. Iced vegan coconut cake

The typical fluffy towel has a vegan version that keeps the pasta wet, perfect to be served cold. For the success of this recipe, the topping is essential, being made with coconut milk, sugar and grated coconut.

9. Coconut cake with vegan lemon

The coconut in the dough is subtle, being transformed into a « flour », and is accompanied by the zest and lemon juice. The syrup is made with a homemade creamy coconut butter. It looks incredible!

10. Vegan vanilla cake

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You know that classic, perfect vanilla cake to go with the coffee? That’s the recipe that’s ready in no time and is super easy.

11. White pasta vegan cake

Here, you will find a simple cake recipe, which is the basis for you to combine with different fillings and formats. Orange juice is used in the dough, but you can replace it with any vegetable milk.

12. Vegan Paçoca Cake

This cake gets very wet and is the right option to surprise, with paçocas both in the dough and in the topping. To make the topping, add paçocas, warm water and cornstarch. Then, just take it to the fire until it has a creamy consistency.

13. Vegan mixed cake

This cake, which is super fluffy, is the delight you’ll want to try! The ingredients are simple, for a white pastry that is divided into two parts: one basic and the other with the chocolate powder.

14. Vegan banana cake with caramel

The dough takes a kneaded banana and the other ingredients are easy to find. The caramel on top of the cake is made with demerara sugar and water. When it’s time to decorate, place the chopped bananas and the caramel, which looks wonderful!

15. Pineapple cake with vegan coconut

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This is a party cake, made with a cuddly coconut pastry, pineapple filling in syrup and cream of confectioner’s custard. To enhance it, it is decorated with a delicious whipped cream, made with iced coconut milk, sugar and emulsifier.

16. Vegan chocolate cake

Besides being vegan and gluten free, this cake has an incredible texture. And the best is that its taste is enhanced by the chocolate syrup, made with cocoa powder, sugar and coconut oil.

17. Prestige Vegan Cake

This cake has a thick layer of coconut filling, which is surprising just to look at. The dough contains flour, demerara sugar, cocoa powder, salt, baking powder, bicarbonate, orange juice, oil and vanilla extract.

18. Vegan birthday cake

Complete recipe for the birthday of dreams! The cake is made of chocolate, wet with a saucepan, filled with chocolate cream and covered with a ganache. Finally, the decoration is made with strawberries, chocolate shavings, icing sugar and confectionery. Here, it’s time to let your creativity flow!

19. Vegan red velvet cake

You know that recipe that makes you sigh? That’s exactly what this video brings: a cake with red dye in it and vegan whipped cream filling. In addition, strawberries, blueberries and icing sugar are used for decoration.

20. Matilda vegan chocolate cake

This cake marks the film « Matilda », from 1996, and is prepared here in its vegan version. A recipe for wet pasta, with filling and chocolate icing, which is very creamy and velvety. Be impressed by the filling and topping, which are made with toasted cashew nuts, water, half bitter chocolate (no milk derivatives) and any vegetable milk.

Impossible not to get in the mood, right? After seeing these delights, do not waste time and already separate the ingredients for your next cakes. Oh, and to top it off, check out these vegan brigadier recipes too.

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