22 Halloween foods to scare even the tidbit


Are you going to get into the Halloween mood? To make the celebration more enjoyable, Halloween food is a great bet. Besides starving, they can also serve as decoration for your event. Below, you’ll find sweet and salty options to reproduce!

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Candy Halloween recipes

Let’s start with the sweet Halloween foods, which look horrifying, but are immensely tasty. Check it out:

1. strawberry with Halloween chocolate

In this recipe, strawberries are bathed and decorated with white chocolate dyed with food coloring. You learn how to make pumpkin, Frankenstein, mummy, Dracula and skull. Without complications, the result is delicious and the face of Halloween!

2. Milk Pumpkin Nest

Nest milk candy is easy to make and it’s delicious, isn’t it? To test this version of pumpkin, you’ll need food coloring, a toothpick and clove. The preparation is simple, but the result will be a success on your table. It’s worth a test!

3. Halloween Pops Oreo

In this recipe, the Oreo cookie is spiked on a toothpick and decorated with dyed white chocolate. You can make pumpkin, skull, monster and whatever else your imagination allows!

4. Mummy Lollipop

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Another alternative on the toothpick is the cornstarch cookie that comes into play in this recipe. Besides, it’s stuffed with brigadier. For the decoration, you will need white chocolate, confectioner’s bag and chocolate confectionery. To improve it even more, you can suggest the price and shelf life. This way, you can also make a little extra money.

5. Zombie eyes

Gelatin, condensed milk, milk, black dye and ice form with the round holes is all you need to make those zombie eyes. Step by step is simple to follow, but requires a little patience. As a result, you get a very sweet treat!

6. Ghost Truffle

Is it a giant, scary shaped truffle you want? Then there’s more to check out this recipe. It’s made with white chocolate, milk chocolate and cream. Oh, and you’ll also need disposable glasses and a sturdy plastic bag.

7. Halloween Milk Nest

In this recipe, the jam is made only with nest milk, sugar or icing sugar, condensed milk and dyes. In the video, you learn how to make colored pumpkins and also witch hats. Preserved in the refrigerator, this sweet lasts 7 days.

8. Halloween Brigadier

To leave the brigadeiro with a bat face, first the candy is sprinkled with black sugar, which can be bought ready or dyed at home. Then you also learn how to make wings and eyes. Step by step is not complicated, but requires patience.

9. Witch’s Finger

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How about making butter cookies in the shape of a witch’s finger? To make the nail paper, the tip is to use an almond. To finish, use a combination of raspberry coulis and red ice cream syrup, to give a bloody look to your fingers. You can also use any red jelly of your preference.

10. Ghost Brownie

In this recipe, the preparation of the brownie has no secrets. The differential is in the cover, which is on account of a ghost made of marshmallow and covered with glacé. In addition, candies and chocolate drops enter the scene to play the role of eyes and mouth.

11. Witch chocolate cupcake

How about decorating cupcakes with orange glaze and an American witch hat? That’s a simple way to leave this cake with a Halloween face!

12. Chocolate ghost cake

In this cake, the dough is chocolate with Oreo, and both the filling and the topping are on an Italian meringue enhanced with butter and chocolate. The ghost decoration is made with meringue and chocolate confectionery.

Salty Halloween recipes

Do you want some salty Halloween food options? We’ve also put together a list of recipes that are frighteningly tasty. Check it out next:

13. Edible eyes

This is a recipe in which boiled eggs are cut in half, the yolks are dyed green, olives play the role of pupils and red dye imitates veins. Simple and inexpensive, it does not require many culinary skills to be made.

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14. Sausage mummy

How about bandaging parsley with strips of pastry to get an edible mummy? To make eyes, you can use confectionery or also American paste. This is a simple but perfect bet to enter your Halloween food menu.

15. Endowed eggs

Another recipe with boiled eggs, this is an option where the yolks are removed, mixed with mayonnaise and seasoned. Then they return to their original place: the egg white. Finally, the tip is to sprinkle paprika and make spiders with black olives.

16. Halloween minipizza

Learn to decorate mini-pizzas in two ways: with mummy and spider. In the first option, the cheese is cut into strips and green olives simulate the eyes. For the spider one, you use black olives for decoration.

17. Hot dog mummy

Do you like practicality? Then there’s more to check that recipe. Here, the first step is to roll the sausage with strips of pastry. Then, just brush an egg yolk over the dough, add slices of olives to imitate eyes and bake in the oven. If you want, finish with a drop of ketchup in your eyes.

18. Sausage Octopus

This is a recipe in which several cuts are made in the sausage to imitate the tentacles of an octopus. For the head, you check how to make a very basic pasta. Fried, this is a simple snack, but it will be a success on your table.

19. Finger hot dog

How about learning to cut the sausage so it looks like a finger? That way, whoever eats the hot dog can get a real scare. No complications, that’s a practical and extremely quick alternative to preparing.

20. Zombie hand

A zombie hand is a scary proposition for Halloween. Here, it’s made with meat, and to achieve this shape, you’ll need a latex glove. To make the result even more sinister, the tip is to use barbecue sauce when finishing.

21. Halloween cold table

You can also make a cold table with a really scary face. To do this, the tip is to cover a skull with slices of raw ham, add olives in the eyes and cheese cut in the shape of a bat. Pretzel sticks are also decorated to imitate a witch’s broom.

22. Saci leg

To close the list, a recipe from Brazilian folklore. To imitate the leg of saci, you learn how to make a roast leg of lamb. The time in the oven is long, but the taste is so good that it makes up for all the waiting.

After checking out all these Halloween food recipes, it’s easy to set up a table with a sinister proposal that will be the face of this festivity. And to close with a golden key, also learn how to make a fancy Halloween decoration!

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