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brigadeiro de churros

Today we are going to teach you how to make the real brigadeiro de churros, The candy imitates the flavor of the churros, that’s why it is made with a dulce de leche that is lightly passed in sugar with cinnamon.

So, if you ask any confectioner which is the best-selling gourmet brigadeiro, be sure that she will quote the gourmet churros brigadeiro.

Here we have already posted several recipes for gourmet brigadeiro, but one of the recipes that always asked for in the comments was Brigadeiro de Churros, this brigadeiro is a sales record in any confectionery, so he could not be left out here on the site.

brigadeiro de churros

Recipe Brigadeiro de churros

395 grams of condensed milk (1 can)
50 grams of sour cream
150 grams of pasty dulce de leche (we recommend Itambé)
Crystal sugar and cinnamon to roll
Dulce de leche to decorate.

Preparation mode:
In a saucepan place condensed milk and sour cream, mix before taking to the fire. Then turn on the heat and start stirring, for a good result use a pan with a thick bottom, that way you cook without burning the recipe.

So, the point is when it starts to come off the pan. When that happens, it is because it has reached the point. You must remove from the heat and add the dulce de leche, stirring to incorporate well. If you miss a little of the point, return with the brigadier to the fire.

Then let it cool, roll the churros brigadeiros.

brigadeiro de churros

Roll the brigadeiros and pass in a mixture of crystallized sugar with cinnamon.

brigadeiro churros recipe

To decorate on top of the churros brigadeiro, use a pasty dulce de leche or you can make a boiled condensed dulce de leche.
To decorate the brigadeiro de churros, you can use the 1m nozzle from wilton or any other pitanga nozzle that you like best.

This recipe yields 35 units of 14 grams. Usually this is the size used for party candy. If you want to sell the gourmet brigadeiro in a unitary way, the ideal is to make it 20 grams.

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