Champagne Biscuit – Complete Recipe

tin with cookies

The champagne biscuit is one of the most famous biscuits sold in Brazil. It is consumed both with a coffee or tea, as well as used in desserts, pies and mainly in the pavé recipe.

tin with cookies

We have already taught you several cookie recipes here, but today’s recipe is very special, as it is a very soft cookie with a light vanilla flavor and a crunchy sugar crust.

So, today we are going to teach you how you can make this cookie at home. This revenue from Champagne cookie it is very simple, it takes few ingredients and you will spend very little to make.

Champagne biscuit recipe

Champagne Cookie Recipe

250 grams of wheat flour
75 grams of water
3 eggs
200 grams of refined sugar
10 grams of baking powder
10 grams of cake emulsifier
5 ml of vanilla essence
Thick crystal sugar to pass over the cookies

Preparation mode:
First, in a mixer put the refined sugar, eggs, water, yeast, vanilla essence and the emulsifier. We will beat well until doubled in volume and become a very creamy mass.

dough in an electric mixer

Then, with the help of a stick or a spatula, mix the wheat flour into the dough.

Then, put the dough in a pastry bag, to be like the biscuit the ideal is to use the pearl spout 1A. You can also just make a hole in the bag. You should make strips with the dough in a form, place a sheet of parchment paper in your form so the cookie after baking will loosen better in the form.

Also, remember to leave a space between the cookies in the pan, as it grows and spreads in the pan. Throw crystal sugar on top of the cookies and bake in the preheated 180 degree oven.

cookie recipe

Champagne biscuits take 15 to 20 minutes to bake, it depends on your oven, when they are colored on top, it’s ready.

Remove the Champagne biscuits from the tray and let them cool, to keep the crunchy crust of the biscuit, you must keep it in airtight jars, that is, in tightly closed jars.

homemade Champagne biscuit in bowl

This recipe for Biscuit Champagne is a smaller recipe, if you want to make more cookies you can double the recipe. Just multiply the ingredients by 2. If you want to make another cookie, we have a recipe for Butter Biscuit here on the website.

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