Chocolate Mendiants – Recipe

chocolate recipe

Small chocolate discs that delight for their simplicity! Chocolate Mendiants This sweet was probably made in Europe by some chocolatier chef who had that little bit of chocolate that was seasoned and ready to be transformed into something bigger and had the great idea of ​​making small coins and covering it with whatever he wanted!

chocolate recipe

It can be dried fruit, nuts, a mix of all of them, or whatever you prefer, Chocolate Mendiants are a success, as much for the practicality of making it as for the fact that you can make it with that little leftover chocolate.

Chocolate Mendiant Recipes

200 grams of 54% Melted and Seasoned Chocolate
100 grams of a mix of nuts and dried fruits of your choice

Preparation mode:
First, prepare the waxed paper on a table. Then, on a sheet of waxed paper with a spoon and without worrying about perfection, make small circles of chocolate. If you don’t know how to season chocolate, check out a post we made here on the site.

Then, with it still melted, place or sprinkle roughly over the mix of nuts.

Finally, take it to the fridge to crystallize and they will quickly be ready for consumption!

chocolate mediums

It saw? In just a few minutes you have beautiful chocolate coins. You

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