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gourmet sensation ice cream

The name varies according to each place in Brazil, but one thing is all the same: the flavor. Today’s recipe is Geladinho Gourmet Sensação, it tastes like that famous bonbon on the box.

gourmet sensation ice cream

I was on a beach, when a seller offered the geladinho, I didn’t know this flavor and I was delighted, the seller kindly gave me her recipe and today I’m going to teach you the true Geladinho Gourmet Sensação. Check out the recipe:

Feeling gourmet ice cream recipe

Base Recipe Ingredients:
1 liter of whole milk
395 grams of condensed milk (1 can)
100 grams of powdered milk (preferably use Milk Nest)
1 tablespoon full of neutral alloy

Method of Preparation Base Recipe:
First in a blender place all the ingredients, blend for 2 minutes.

Then reserve this mixture, this will be the basis for making any gourmet ice cream.

Ice Cream Ingredients Sensation:
500 ml of base recipe (taught above)
1 tablespoon full of ice cream powder in strawberry flavor or Mavalério dessert powder

ice cream bread

Cone: Milk chocolate (fractional type)

Preparation mode:

First, make the base recipe for ice cream.

Then, in a blender, place the base recipe and the powder for ice cream. Beat for 2 minutes or until well mixed, set aside.

So, take the ice-cream bag, and put a scoop of the melted chocolate.

Use fractionated chocolate, it’s very easy to melt. In the chocolate packaging, it explains how to melt.

gourmet ice cream

Now spread the chocolate with your fingertips all over the bag, fill the bag with the sensation Gourmet Geladinho recipe, use a funnel to help fill the bags.

iced cone

You can add a few pieces of chopped chocolate.

sensation gourmet ice cream

Finally, tie the bag and take it to the freezer for 8 hours. The ideal is always to leave overnight in the freezer.

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