Pinga’s Donut – Complete Recipe

dripping donut

Today you will learn how to make the famous Rosquinha de Pinga. In addition, this is one of those recipes that remind us of childhood, those donuts in the jar at grandma’s house, this recipe brings a lot of affective memory to those who make it and also to those who consume it.

dripping donut

At drip donuts are quite successful. This recipe is from Grandma’s recipe, the drip donut is a very famous recipe, it matches that coffee.

Today you will learn how to make a donut from the bakery drip, the drip helps to make the donut fluffy, but at the same time crunchy on the outside.

Pinga Donut Recipe

300 grams of wheat flour
50 grams of margarine (with 80% lipids)
50 ml of drips
15 grams of ammonia bicarbonate (or baking powder)
50 grams of refined sugar
1 egg

Topping ingredients:

Icing sugar


Preparation mode:
First, put the flour, margarine, drip, sugar, bicarbonate and egg in a bowl.

In addition, we will knead the dough well to be fine with a very smooth texture.

donut drips dough

Now, let’s open it with a roller and cut the strips. You can also open it with your hands and make the donuts. So, to assemble the cookies you take the strips and at one end roll it up and fasten it at the other end and fasten it.

drip donut

Finally, place the donuts on the tray and bake in the preheated oven 180 degrees, take 20 to 25 minutes. They look very flushed.


In a bowl, put the sugar and in another bowl the cachaça. Then, pass the donuts still hot through the cachaça and then through the sugar. Then, let it cool on a grill.

Oven time: 15 minutes Preheated oven temperature: 180º

How to make soft drip donuts

To make the donut drip softer the trick is when you are making the dough, you need to knead the donut dough well, this will make it very fluffy, super soft.

For example, if you wish, you can not pass it in the drip with sugar. This question is optional, traditionally the donut in sugar, but you can do it without.

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