Salami donut

Salami donut

90 min

01 portion


3 tablespoons of biological yeast;
1 tablespoon of salt;
1 tablespoon of sugar;
½ cup (tea) of milk;
½ cup (tea) of beer;
2 tablespoons of margarine;
2 eggs;
1/3 cup (tea) of oil;
2 crushed garlic cloves;
3 tablespoons of chopped parsley;
650g of wheat flour Familia Venturelli;

500g of salami cut into cubes;
1 onion chopped and sautéed in olive oil;
1 cup of chopped olives;
1 pepper cut into cubes;
1 cup (tea) of cheese plate cut in cubes;
2 eggs to brush;

Preparation mode

Mix all ingredients, leaving a very soft dough.

Let stand until doubled in volume.

Open the dough, put the filling and roll it like a roll. Shape the thread and let it rest for approximately 20 minutes.

Brush with egg yolks. Bake for approximately 40 minutes.

Products used

  • Venturelli Wheat Flour

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