Stamped Herb Paste Recipe

Stamped Herb Paste Recipe

90 min

10 servings

The paste printed with herbs is a delight. This recipe will delight you, even more because it has an incomparable flavor that only a handmade dough made with our branquinha has!

The herbal dough in the middle has a unique flavor, and with this recipe you can use those herbs that you love and never know how to use! Herbs have numerous benefits and still give that touch of fresh food.

And the coolest thing: who sent this recipe to us was a Venture, the Deise Guimarães! We are very grateful, Deise.

The flowery pasta with herbs is a great option to eat at any time of the day, and take the opportunity to share incomparable moments with those you love!


For the base mass:

300 g of Wheat Flour Famiglia Venturelli
3 eggs
3 dessert spoons of olive oil
Salt to taste

To stamp the dough:

1 Egg white diluted with 2 tablespoons of water
Fresh leaves of herbs or vegetables of your choice

Method of preparation

Place the flour on a smooth surface, make a pile and make space in the center;

In a bowl, lightly mix the eggs with the oil. If you like, you can add salt;

Place the liquid mixture in the center of the flour and stir until a homogeneous dough is obtained. If necessary, sprinkle flour until it loosens from your hands.

Wrap in film or plastic bag and let rest for an hour.

Prepare the herbs by sanitizing them well. Remove the stems and dry well.

Open the dough in a thin thickness, make two sheets of dough. Place the leaves on one of the slides. Use your creativity to create drawings and mix flavors, gently press the leaves into the dough.

This stamping process can be done using edible flowers, very thin sheets of blanched (lightly cooked) or dehydrated vegetables or cutouts of colored pasta.

Brush the egg whites, in small quantities, in the printed mass and cover with the other layer of pasta. Press gently, just enough to stick the blades together.

Sprinkle with flour, carefully turn the dough over and roll it into the cylinder or rolling pin to join the two parts together.

Leave on a flat surface for 10 minutes before making the cut of your choice. Suggestion: ravioli are beautiful. The cooking process is the same as for other fresh pasta, just be careful not to miss the point. The ideal is to make sauté in butter or olive oil with garlic, to highlight the pattern of the dough.

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