Swiss Meringue – Classic Recipe

Swiss meringue recipe

Everyone knows how successful Merengue is in confectionery, but did you know that there are several types of meringue? There’s the Italian meringue, French meringue and Swiss meringue. Although they use similar ingredients, each has a very specific preparation method.

Swiss meringue recipe

Talking to a baker from a large store in São Paulo, she taught the details to make a perfect Swiss Meringue, she learned this recipe while taking a course in confectionery in France, and today you, without having left home, will be able to learn this recipe .

Swiss Meringue Recipe

100 grams of egg whites
200 grams of refined sugar
Lemon drops and zest to taste

Preparation mode:
First, place the egg whites and sugar in a pan over low heat until the sugar dissolves or until it reaches a temperature of 72º degrees. To know the correct temperature, you will need a food thermometer.

If you don’t have a thermometer, the point will be when you don’t see any more sugar.

staging mode

However, be very careful not to cook the egg whites. If you don’t have a thermometer, one way to see the point is when you rub your fingers together and there’s no trace of sugar.

When you reach the point, take this syrup to an electric mixer, add the zest and lemon drops and beat at maximum speed until cool. Use the globe-type beater to beat the Swiss meringue.

Swiss meringue

The tendency is that as time goes by it loses its creaminess, so use it quickly or if it loses the creamy point, take the mixer back and beat until it returns.

Swiss meringue point

You can use it for desserts, like lemon tart, or you can use it to make cakes. This is that meringue that accepts that you use the blowtorch to brown it.

It has a shelf life of up to 3 days in the refrigerator

Swiss meringue buttercream: it is also made from a meringue where the egg whites are placed on the fire to be heated, as we teach in this recipe.

There is no ideal meringue, each one is good for a use, which I suggest is do all kinds and see which one you like to work the most, all the most famous bakers in Brazil do it like this, test all the recipes, and then choose the better to work with.

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