upside down underwear

upside down underwear

50 min.

90 servings


3 whole eggs lightly beaten;
1 ½ cup (tea) of refined sugar;
1 cup (tea) of milk;
1 tablespoon of baking powder;
2 tablespoons of butter;
1 kg of Familia Venturelli wheat flour;

1 tablespoon of rum;
1 tablespoon of vanilla essence;

Preparation mode

to do this overturned underwear recipe it’s very simple.

In a bowl, place the eggs and beat lightly, add the other ingredients, mixing slowly.

When you have the dough ready, place it on the countertop, roll it out, cut it into a triangle of the size you want, about 8 cm wide and fry in hot oil.

Remove from oil and pass in sugar with cinnamon and serve immediately.

Have you seen our condensed milk donut recipe? It’s another amazing candy option for you to make today. Enjoy.

Products used

  • Venturelli Wheat Flour

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