Ready-made cake dough needs sugar? Tips for not making mistakes!

ready-made cake needs sugar

Does ready-made cake needs sugar? Even though this type of dough offers practicality to everyday life, many people are in doubt.

I usually attribute the responsibility for doubts to the large number of brands that offer ready-made mixes, where each one has its particularities such as time, method of preparation and addition of ingredients.

So, today I’m going to help you better understand how to get it right when preparing the cake mix. Let’s check out the tips?

Does ready-made cake need sugar?

ready-made cake needs sugar

Look, as long as the dough is not a zero sugar mix, diet or any type of restriction, you don’t need to add sugar. That’s because the traditional ready mix already comes with sugar tailored to those ingredients.

So, this is a very common question and ends up harming the result of the baked cake, in which the person increases the recipe with sugar, sweetener or any other variety of product.

This also happens a lot with the egg, as people are afraid of the using the egg in ready-made cake. In reality, this is a situation that encompasses almost all ingredients, such as yeast.

So, from now on you already know that if the mixture is traditional, it is certainly already sweetened to the extent.

It’s also worth saying that nothing prevents you from trying the different brands of ready-made cake dough, and judging if a little more sugar couldn’t make the cake even better, right?

In which situations can you add sugar to the ready-made cake?

There are at least three scenarios where adding an extra amount of sugar can be very welcome.

Have you ever been eager to eat a quick muffin and it doesn’t take much work, but when you buy, pick up the wrong package and end up bringing home the zero sugar dough? I say this because it has already happened to me.

This is the first scenario, meaning you might as well add ¼ cup (tea) of sugar. In other cases, you can opt for honey, crushed fruit and jellies, as well as adding 2 tablespoons of dates syrup for each tablespoon of sugar required in the recipe.

The second case is when you intend to make the ready-made cake recipe to yield more. Usually people double the recipe and, in this case, the sugar has to be the right amount. To do this, add – in addition to the other ingredients – 3 tablespoons of sugar.

Lastly, let’s say you want to add some crushed nuts, peanuts or walnuts, then adjust the sugar to ¼ cup (tea) sugar. This will give you a perfectly balanced cake.

Did you make a mistake when adding sugar to the ready-made cake? See how to solve it!

It is very common to make mistakes when putting more sugar in the recipe, but if that happens, know that all is not lost. That’s because there are some techniques and tricks to “hide” the very sweet taste.

The first alternative is to bet on more citrus toppings, such as an orange or lemon syrup. You can even use the zest of a Sicilian lemon or perhaps an orange, bringing an extra touch and avoiding excessive sweetness.

Another measure is to bet on chocolate cover made with dark or semisweet chocolate. This is the best strategy to get around an overly sweet spot, as the bitter taste completely breaks the cake’s sweetness.

Finally, if you don’t have time to fix the problem, choose to serve smaller portions so that your family and guests may not even feel that the cake is too sweet.

How to spice up ready-made cake beyond the basics

I like to think that, no matter if it’s a professional or homemade cake, there’s always room to improve and enhance recipes, especially boxed ones, as the combination of flavors is usually quite smooth.

That’s why you should always think of ways to add more to the recipe, to combine flavors and create unique experiences, even with the dough ready, it’s possible with the following steps.

Have you thought about coverage?

There’s no recipe that doesn’t look divine with a good topping, is there? Enhance your ready-made cake with a chocolate icing, with white chocolate ganache, bring the health factor to your cake with options in icing fit for cakes, for example.

Bring more juiciness with creamy fillings

Can you imagine a freshly made chocolate cupcake, but with a creamy ovaltine filling? Or maybe a wet filling of pineapple syrup with pieces?

Bet on traditional sprinkles and chocolate chips

Don’t want to go to the trouble of making the syrup or even the filling? No problem, add sprinkles or chocolate chips to the batter mix so you have practically a tingling cake, especially tastier with the vanilla ready mix.

Did you see how there is no secret when it comes to preparing the ready-made cake? Take the opportunity to test and experiment without restrictions, just keep the balance of quantities that everything will work out.

For more important tips and professional tricks, I highly recommend you to check out the Professional Homemade Cakes Course. There you can clear up all your doubts and discover amazing recipes. Check it out later! 😉

I really hope you enjoyed my tips, don’t forget to share, as you can be sure that many people have the same doubt. To the next!

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