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What does Olive Garden have for desserts?

What does Olive Garden have for desserts?


  • Click the icon to favorite this menu item. NEW. Pumpkin Cheesecake – Limited Time Only. $7.49. …
  • Black Tie Mousse Cake. $8.29. 750 cal. Add. …
  • Tiramisu (V) $7.29. 470 cal. Add. …
  • Chocolate Brownie Lasagna. $7.99. 910 cal. …
  • Warm Italian Doughnuts (V) $6.99. 810 cal. …
  • Sicilian Cheesecake with Strawberry Topping (V) $7.29. 730 cal.

Then, Does Olive Garden still have brownie lasagna?

With a price starting at $6.99, the Chocolate Brownie Lasagna is slated to hit Olive Garden menus on November 18 and will hang around until May 26, 2019, according to the site Best Products.

Similarly, How much are desserts at Olive Garden?

Desserts are priced between $2 and $7 and include cheesecake, tiramisu, zeppoli, and dolcini. The soups and salads are customer favorites.

In this regard Does Olive Garden sell whole cheesecakes? Available in a whole cake (serves 12) and half cake (serves 6).

Does Olive Garden do pizza?

Pizza | Lunch & Dinner Menu | Olive Garden Italian Restaurant.

Does Olive Garden have tiramisu? Tiramisu (V) | Lunch & Dinner Menu | Olive Garden Italian Restaurant.

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Does outback have dessert?

Outback Steakhouse – Desserts – Order Online.

Where does Olive Garden get their chocolate mints?

Their Mints Are Specially-Made

Andes best-selling Crème de Menthe mints feature a layer of mint in between two chocolate layers, but the restaurant’s variety have equal layers of chocolate and mint. Now you can feel a little special eating these candies, knowing they’re specially made for Olive Garden.

What is the cheapest thing at Olive Garden?

Olive Garden Menu Prices

Food Price

Famous House Salad To Go


Chicken And Gnocchi
Pasta e fagioli $5.79
Minestrone $5.79

Are breadsticks at Olive Garden free?

Olive Garden offers unlimited breadsticks, salad, and soup on both lunch and dinner menus, but at different price points. At lunch the meal costs about $7.99, while for dinner it’s about $9.99 (depending on location).

Is Olive Garden fancy or casual?

No, they do not. There’s no enforced dress code for guests, and they generally show up dressed between casual and business casual.

Do they sell burgers at Olive Garden?

At $9.99, the six-ounce burger is the chain’s latest attempt to expand its menu and boost sales. … The burger is topped with crispy Italian prosciutto; mozzarella cheese; arugula; tomatoes marinated in fresh basil, garlic and Italian spices; and a garlic aioli spread.

How much is a dozen breadsticks from Olive Garden?

Soup, Salad & Breadsticks

Soup, Salad & Breadsticks Price
1/2 Dozen Baked Breadsticks $3.99
Dozen Baked Breadsticks
1/2 Dozen Unbaked Breadsticks $3.99
Dozen Unbaked Breadsticks $5.79

Does Olive Garden have a secret menu?

Olive Garden’s secret menu has been brushed off as nonexistent for years, but we did our digging and found super simple (and delicious) menu hacks you have to try. We’re here to tell you that you can, in fact, customize just about anything on the menu.

Why did Olive Garden get rid of pizza?

Review of Olive Garden – CLOSED. They no longer have pizza! So disappointed that the menu did not have pizza. The waitress explained that they are trying to emphasize they have flatbreads instead, and that I am not alone in being surprised about it.

Does Olive Garden have 2 for $25?

Everyone’s favorite Italian restaurant is bringing back the 2 for $25 deal! They added fettuccine chicken Alfredo and still have unlimited breadsticks and salad! “We’re All Family Here.”

Does Olive Garden have cheesecake?

Sicilian Cheesecake (Half Cake) 730 cal.

Ricotta cheesecake with a shortbread cookie crust, topped with seasonal strawberry sauce. Available in a whole cake (serves 12) and half cake (serves 6).

What are the desserts at Outback?


  • Chocolate Fondue Flight** $10.49. 2240 Calories. …
  • Chocolate Thunder from Down Under®** $8.99. 1500 Calories. …
  • Butter Cake. $6.99. 860 Calories. …
  • Triple-Layer Carrot Cake** $8.99. 1290 Calories. …
  • Salted Caramel Cookie Skillet** $4.99. 860 Calories. …
  • New York-Style Cheesecake. $8.99. 930 Calories.

What kind of desserts does Applebee’s have?

The Applebee’s dessert menu also includes some Brownie and ice cream choices.

Applebee’s Menu Price Categories.

Item Price
Item Price
Salted Caramel Pretzel Bites $5.99
Strawberry Cheesecake Dessert Shooter
Triple Chocolate Meltdown $6.49

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What is LongHorn Steakhouse menu?

LongHorn Steakhouse Menu Prices 2021

Food Prices
The LongHorn® Porterhouse $27.99
USDA Prime Delmonico $34.99
Renegade Sirloin & Parmesan Crusted Chicken Starting at $17.79
Renegade Sirloin & Redrock Grilled Shrimp Starting at $18.29

What’s the best thing to eat at Olive Garden?

The 10 best things to get at Olive Garden, ranked

  1. Any Breadstick Sandwich. olivegarden/Instagram.
  2. Grilled Chicken Piadina. olivegarden/Instagram. …
  3. Tour of Italy. Sarah Schmalbruch / INSIDER. …
  4. Cookie Butter Cake. Olive Garden. …
  5. Zeppoli. olivegarden/Instagram. …
  6. Shrimp Alfredo. …
  7. Raviolo di Portobello. …
  8. Eggplant Parmigiana. …

What is the most expensive thing at Olive Garden?

The Most Expensive Items on the Olive Garden Menu

  1. Porta Vita Bianco (bottle-white wine) $36.00.
  2. Steak Toscano $19.99. …
  3. Salmon Bruschetta $18.99. …
  4. Tour of Italy $16.99. …
  5. Chicken Abruzzi $15.49. This dish is part of Olive Garden’s lighter fare menu which contains a menu of items for those seeking healthier options. …

Are breadsticks free at Olive Garden 2021?

9. Olive Garden will cater your party. And yes, breadsticks are included.

Does Olive Garden have spaghetti?

| Spaghetti with Marinara 310 cal. **Our meat sauce is made with pan-seared beef and Italian sausage. Available weekdays, 11am-3pm.

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