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What is thank you in Cantonese?

What is thank you in Cantonese?

Abstract. While in English there is only one main way of thanking someone using the phrase ‘thank-you’ or one of its variants (e.g. ‘thanks’, ‘ta’), in Hong Kong Cantonese there are two phrases, m4-goi1 and do1-ze6, both of which could be translated to English as ‘thank you’.

Moreover, How do you say yes in Cantonese?

係 (Hai6)

This is the common way of saying yes in Cantonese. It can be used both in written and spoken communication.

Secondly, What is I love you in Cantonese?

You’ll often hear Mandarin speakers saying “I love you” as 我爱你. In Cantonese, it is pronounced as 我愛你. … Instead, we usually use 我鍾意你 to express our love. The words – 鍾意 – conveys a feeling of fondness but does not come across too strongly.

Beside above What is thank you in Hong Kong? “Doh jeh” also means “Thank you”, but it’s a more formal expression of gratitude. As a rule of thumb, “doh jeh” is used to thank people for gifts or special favours, whereas “mm goi” is used to thank people for services, usually in the course of doing their jobs.

In this way, What does Shi in Chinese mean?

The word shi 尸 « corpse; personator; inactive; lay out; manage; spirit tablet » can be discussed in terms of Chinese character evolution, historical phonology, semantics, and English translations.

What does SHĪ mean in Chinese?

The Chinese word shi – 师 – shī (to teach in Chinese)

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What is hello in Hong Kong?

Neih hou (pronounced « nay-ho ») is used to say hello in Hong Kong. The pronunciation of hou is something between « ho » and « how. » But realistically, saying a simple hello (same as in English but with a little more « haaa-lo ») is extremely common for informal situations! Continue to 5 of 10 below.

What is I miss you in Cantonese?

我掛住你。 (s) I miss you.

How do you say sorry in Hong Kong?

The Two Most Common Phrases. The two most common Cantonese phrases for saying sorry are 對唔住 (deoi3 m4 zyu6) and 唔好意思 (m4 ho2 ji3 si3).

What is the meaning of Xie Xie?

In English, ‘thank you’ is a way of showing your appreciation and gratefulness towards someone. In Chinese culture, this is no different. This phrase in Mandarin is xiè xie, this is a really important and useful phrase in the Chinese language, so if there is one phrase you should master in Chinese, it is xiè xie.

Does Shi mean death?

死 (shi) means “death,” and consists of two parts. The top and left line represents a bone and the left side represents a person who is upside down in the ground. It indicates death of the person.

Does Shi mean death in Chinese?

The Chinese word shi – 逝 – shì (to die in Chinese)

What Ni hao ma means?

The Chinese phrase “ni hao ma” can be translated to mean “How are you?” in English. This is a Mandarin Chinese phrase that, if translated literally, means, “You good?” If you drop the “ma” at the end, it is then used as a way to say “hello” to a person….

Is Shi a Chinese name?

Shi ([ʂɻ̩]) or Shih is the romanization of a Chinese surname. It means « stone. » It was one of the « Nine Sogdian Surnames. » A 2013 study found it was the 63rd most common surname, shared by 4,550,000 people or 0.340% of the population, with Henan being the province with the most people.

What does nei hou mean?

Nei hou,你好,means “ola” / “hello”.

How do you say bye in Hong Kong?

Many native people from Hong Kong have completely adopted the English word « goodbye, » pronouncing it 拜拜 (baai1 baai3).

What does lay Ho Ma mean?

Lay Ho Ma, pronounced lay ho ma. I’m Very Good (Mandarin)

How do you say good morning in Cantonese Chinese?

So, first things first—how do you say “good morning” in Cantonese? 早 means “early” and 晨 means “dawn,” but together, 早晨 means “good morning.” We use this phrase excessively in the morning.

What is tonight Cantonese?

今夜 (gam1 je6 | jin1 ye4) : tonight – CantoDict.

How do you say regret in Cantonese?

悔 (fui3 | hui3) : regret; repent; remorse – CantoDict.

How do you say my condolences in Cantonese?

How do you express condolences in Cantonese? 節哀順變 is the thing you say, all my HK coworkers said it to me when I had a death in the family. Literally means “restrain your grief and accept the change”.

How do you say wrong in Cantonese?

« WRONG » in Cantonese (錯) – Flashcard.

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