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Who makes the best frozen Key lime pie?

Who makes the best frozen Key lime pie?
Who makes the best frozen Key lime pie?

Marie Callender’s key lime pie ($6.59 for a 36-ounce pie from Sweetbay) was wrapped the best for freezing. It came with a molded, plastic cover that was sealed in another layer of plastic wrap. But judges liked it for its tartness and the thick, « excellent, homemade » graham cracker crust.

Consequently, What kind of pies does Edwards make?

Edwards ® Signatures

  • EDWARDS ® Signatures Georgia Style Pecan Pie. Classic pecan filling. …
  • EDWARDS ® Signatures Caramel Apple Crème Pie. …
  • EDWARDS ® Signatures Peach Crème Pie. …
  • EDWARDS ® Chocolate Crème Pie. …
  • EDWARDS ® Key Lime Pie. …
  • EDWARDS ® Original Whipped Cheesecake. …
  • EDWARDS ® Triple Coconut Crème Pie. …
  • EDWARDS ® Turtle Crème Pie.

Also question is, What are the best frozen pies?

We Tested 3 Frozen Pies—This One Was the Best

  • Prettiest Pie: Edwards Chocolate Cream Pie.
  • Best for Chocoholics: Marie Callender’s Chocolate Satin Pie.
  • Best in Show: Sara Lee Chocolate Creme Pie.
  • The Bottom Line.

Besides What’s the best store bought key lime pie? Trader Joe’s Key Lime Pie

That’s why the key lime pie from Trader Joe’s is so sought-after during the summer when this seasonal pie returns. It’s yellow, it’s made with sweetened condensed milk and real key lime juice (as it should be!), it’s $5.49 — and it’s perfection in a pie.

Also, What kind of pies does Marie Callender’s have?

Cream Pies

  • Confetti Birthday Cake Cream Pie.
  • Chocolate Brownie Cream Pie.
  • Coconut Cream Pie.
  • Chocolate Satin Pie.
  • Banana Cream Pie.
  • Lemon Meringue Pie.
  • Key Lime Pie.
  • Turtle Pie.

How do you serve Edwards frozen pies?

Indulge in a Slice Now: To enjoy a perfect slice, cut frozen using a warm, wet knife and then thaw in a refrigerator for 30 – 45 minutes. If you can’t wait, you can also enjoy it frozen. Either way, hide the rest in your freezer.

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How long do Edwards pies last in fridge?

Store in refrigerator up to 3 days.TO THAW SLICEFor a perfect slice, cut pie using a warm, wet knife.

Are Edwards pies frozen?

No matter how you slice our decadent, velvety layers and fresh-from-the-oven cookie crumb crust, our frozen pies are meticulously whipped, sprinkled, and drizzled to extravagant perfection. … Simply thaw and serve to see how this crème pie will be the talk of the dessert table for every occasion and holiday.

Who makes the best frozen Dutch apple pie?

Sara Lee, Oven Fresh Dutch Apple Pie, 34 oz (Frozen)

One of the best frozen apple pies. The crumble crust topping is especially tasty, it is crunchy and buttery. The apple filling has plentiful large firm apple slices and just the right amount of sweet/tangy balance.

What is the best frozen apple pie to buy?

The consensus was that Marie Callender’s pie tasted the most authentic and the best overall. That said, Mrs. Smith’s and Sara Lee both had something to offer. If you like your pies tart, go with Sara Lee.

What happened to Mrs Smith’s pies?

Smith’s was sold to Kellogg, which sold it nearly two years ago to Smucker. Nothing will change in Mrs. Smith’s manufacturing–the brand still will be produced in Pottstown, Pa., where the Smith family sold mom’s pies at the YMCA and elsewhere locally.

What is the best brand of frozen apple pie?

The consensus was that Marie Callender’s pie tasted the most authentic and the best overall. That said, Mrs. Smith’s and Sara Lee both had something to offer. If you like your pies tart, go with Sara Lee.

Who makes the best pie?

The Best Pie Shops in America

  • Baker Miller. Chicago, Illinois. …
  • Crave Pie Studios. Duluth, Georgia. …
  • Dangerously Delicious Pies. Baltimore, Maryland. …
  • Four & Twenty Blackbirds. Brooklyn, New York. …
  • Honeypie. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. …
  • Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe. Key West, Florida. …
  • Mrs. Wick’s Bakery & Cafe. …
  • Muddy’s Bake Shop.

How long does store bought key lime pie last?

How Long Does Key Lime Pie Last In The Fridge? A fresh key lime pie will last for about two days in the fridge, or three days if stored particularly well. Be sure to cover it with something that can minimize airflow, such as plastic wrap.

Should Marie Callender pies be refrigerated?

Unused portions of our cream pies should be covered and refrigerated for up to 3 days once thawed. Cover and refrigerate unused portions of Marie Callender’s cream pies for up to 3 days once thawed.

What happened to Mrs Smith’s deep dish apple pie?

Item is no longer available. Amanda Smith knew how to bake pies. Starting in 1919, she began carefully perfecting her recipes to produce a taste experience like no other.

What kind of pies does Mrs Smith make?

SMITH’S® Original Flaky Crust Pies. Made with a touch of real sweet cream butter, the crust of MRS. SMITH’S® Original Flaky Crust pies is perfect every time.

Who owns Edwards pies?

Schwan’s Company, parent company of Schwan’s Consumer Brands, Inc., purchased The Edwards Baking Company in September, 2001. Today the makers of EDWARDS® products are still committed to providing consumers with convenient, great-tasting frozen desserts made with premium, high-quality ingredients.

Can I eat week old pie?

Fruit, pumpkin, pecan, custard and chiffon pies can be safely stored in the refrigerator for 3-4 days, according to the chart and FDA guidelines. But many pies ― especially fruit ― are best eaten within just a couple of days. … “The ‘sniff test’ does not apply to week-old pies.”

Why do they call it turtle pie?

The turtle pie got its name due to the caramel, chocolate and pecans that are used to top the pies, which are said to have a similarity in flavor to that of DeMet’s Turtles, which use similar ingredients.

How can you tell if pie is bad?

Although not a perfect test, your senses are usually the most reliable instruments to tell if your Pie has gone bad. The first thing to go bad with the pie is usually the crust because the filling will begin to loose water and the crust will absorb that water and become soggy.

Does Edwards make a banana cream pie?

Banana Crème — features a smooth banana crème filling on a vanilla cookie crumb crust that’s finished with a light whipped crème topping.

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