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Does Pottery Barn lunch box fit Bentgo?

Does Pottery Barn lunch box fit Bentgo?
Does Pottery Barn lunch box fit Bentgo?

I bought the Pottery Barn Mackenzie lunch box for my son and the Bentgo Kids lunch box fit just fine, though not much room left. Still can fit ice packs and a pouch. (I put ice packs and the pouch underneath the bentgo box and it fits perfectly!)

Consequently, Which is the biggest Yumbox?

Yumbox Tapas Bento Box is the largest Yumbox, with a single leak-proof lid that allows you to pack a nutritious kids or adult meal including wet foods like yogurt, dressings fruit puree (not drinks/water). And it’s reusable so you can pack a zero waste lunch and help reduce disposable plastic littering our planet.

Also question is, Which Pottery Barn lunch box is best?

After using our picks for another school year and summer, we still think the L.L.Bean Lunch Box and the Bentgo Fresh are the best lunch boxes for kids. We continue to recommend the Pottery Barn Kids Mackenzie Classic Lunch Box as a runner-up option, especially if your child wants a specific pattern or character theme.

Besides What lunch box fits a Bentgo box? The BentGo box fits great in the Bentology lunch bags. I purchased slim freezer packs and they fit perfectly with the BentGo and the Bentology bag has a pouch for juice/milk cartons.

Also, What is the most expensive lunch box?

Superman (1954)

Perhaps the most coveted lunch container, produced by Universal, features the Man of Steel. Bellomo ranks the box—which shows Superman battling robots and rescuing a damsel in distress—as the most valuable lunch box of all time, with a mint-condition specimen fetching as much as $13,000.

Can you put yogurt in Yumbox?

Yes. Yumbox is a leakproof container. Yumbox’s silicone lid engages with the tray to create a tight seal keeping food contents in place, including wet foods like yogurt and applesauce (not water).

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Is Yumbox BPA free?

IS YUMBOX FOOD SAFE? Yes. All materials are food-safe, BPA-Free, Phthalates-free and are CPSIA and FDA compliant.

What is a bento box lunch box?

Put simply, a “bento” or “bento box” is a Japanese lunchbox. … A proper bento lunch is crafted with care and should be a complete meal with a variety of tastes, textures, and food groups. The meal typically includes rice, meat or fish, and pickled vegetables.

How do you pack a kindergarten lunch?

What to Pack for Lunch in Kindergarten

  1. Rolled deli turkey or ham.
  2. Sliced cheese.
  3. Whole-grain crackers.
  4. Sliced berries.
  5. Sliced apples.
  6. Grapes.
  7. Flavored Greek yogurt.
  8. Baby carrots.

How do I choose a lunch bag?


  1. Insulation. This is especially important if you want to ensure your meal remains hot until lunchtime. …
  2. Easy to clean. The best lunch boxes are those that easy to clean. …
  3. Leakproof. The most important thing to look for is, whether the bottle is leakproof or not. …
  4. Insulation. …
  5. Size. …
  6. Airtight. …
  7. Leakproof. …
  8. Cutlery.

How do you keep lunch warm in a lunch box?

How To Keep Food Warm For Lunch Without a Thermos

  1. Aluminium Foil + Towel. A thermos works to keep food hot by insulating it and stopping the heat escaping. …
  2. Hot Water Bottle or Heat Pack. …
  3. Cheap Insulated Bags. …
  4. Make Your Glass Tupperware Hot. …
  5. Instant Hand Warmers. …
  6. Wrap It In A Sweater. …
  7. Keep Hot Water and Make It On Site.

Can you wash Bentgo lunch bag?

The Bentgo Bag is a specially made insulated lunch bag designed to keep food warm or cold on the go. Made with materials that are resistant to staining and odor retention (hand wash only to preserve the lifespan of Bentgo Bag).

How do you keep a bento lunch box cold?

All you need to do is to reheat the food, let it cool down completely before closing the bento box (bacteria grows in warm moist environment), and then keep the bento cool with ice pack whole time with till lunch time.

What lunch boxes are worth money?

11 Most Valuable Lunch Boxes in the World (Slideshow)

  • Aladdin, Little Friends (1982), $850; Matching Plastic Bottle, $260. …
  • Adco Liberty, Howdy Doody (1954), $950. …
  • King Seeley, Lost in Space (1967), $950; Thermos, $100. …
  • Adco Liberty, Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck (1954), $900; Steel Bottle, $1,650.

What old lunch boxes are worth money?

Lunch Boxes so Valuable You’d Never Trade Them for Your Buddy’s Twinkies

  • Lone Ranger ‘Red Band’ Maker: Adco Liberty. …
  • Star Trek. Maker: Aladdin. …
  • The Beatles. Maker: Aladdin. …
  • Knights in Armor. Maker: Universal. …
  • Howdy Doody. Maker: Adco Liberty. …
  • The Munsters. Maker: King-Seely Thermos Co. …
  • Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck. …
  • Yellow Submarine.

How much is a Rambo lunch box worth?

This is listed in The Lunchbox Kid’s book and has a value of $350.00 in mint condition.

What do you put in a Yumbox?

Some of the most common things you will find in my boys Yumboxes include:

  1. Egg and Bacon Pie.
  2. Popcorn.
  3. Sandwiches.
  4. Quesadillas.
  5. Sausage Rolls.
  6. Yoghurt.
  7. Apple Pikelets.
  8. Stewed Fruit (with the juice)

How do you dry a Yumbox?

The Yumbox did take a long time to air dry. You could use a dish towel to dry them, but it would take a bit of effort to make sure all the compartments were dry. I also love that the Yumbox doesn’t have any teeny nooks that can get moldy. Although it takes a while to air dry, it does fully dry.

How do you get mold out of a Yumbox?

To prevent this always store Yumboxes open where possible, or closed only when they are fully dry. If your box has developed mould this can be removed by soaking in vinegar / bi carb of soda or milton sterilising tablets.

What is the point of a bento box?

The bento has been used for centuries in Japan to carry a delicious, nutritious, and visually appealing meal to eat on the go — kids take their bento boxes to school; employees take their bento boxes to work. Many Japanese restaurants in the United States have bento boxes on their menus.

What lunch boxes are best?

Best Lunch Boxes at Glance

  • Best Overall Lunch Box: L.L. Bean Insulated Lunch Bag.
  • Best Kids Lunch Box: Wildkin Kids Insulated Lunch Box for Boys and Girls.
  • Best Bento Lunch Box: Bentgo Kids’ Durable & Leakproof Lunch Box.
  • Best Lunch Box for Teens: Fjallraven Kanken Mini Cooler.

What foods go into a bento box?

Popular bento ingredients

  • Fish or meat (usually in the form of meatballs, karaage, katsu, sausages, etc.)
  • Pickled or precooked vegetables (Salad, broccoli, carrots, bean sprouts, edamame, mini tomatos, etc.)
  • Tamagoyaki (Japanese omelett)
  • Potato or pasta salad.
  • Sometimes fruit (in a little box or small bowl)

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