How do you know if the cake has spoiled? Discover 5 ways to identify!

How to know if the cake has spoiled? Know that there are some techniques to identify the texture, smell and taste of a spoiled cake.

The spoiled cake can cause serious food poisoning, like what happened in this news published by G1. In this case, the cake spoiled because of only 1 ingredient that was out of date.

So it is very important to keep an eye on the durability of each ingredient before making the dough. I have separated here some important information that will help you to avoid any kind of unpleasant situation. Check out!

Why does the cake spoil?

The cake can spoil for several reasons, either because of the type of storage or because of an ingredient that has spoiled.

If you leave the cake at room temperature, for example, it may spoil within 3 days. On the other hand, if refrigerated in the refrigerator, tightly closed, it will last for more than 5 days.

One of the main reasons why the cake spoils is the wheat flour. Over the days, there is a formation of fungi, which is natural to wheat. However, this type of fungus can develop, mold and mildew appear.

But there are some measures to identify if your cake is no longer suitable for eating. Let’s check it out?

5 Ways to Identify a Spoiled Cake

1. Coloring of the dough

The easiest mass to identify by placement is the chocolate dough. After a few days, one of the first signs that the cake is starting to spoil is the appearance of whitish spots.

This is the first stage of mold. In white pastry cakes, you will only notice it when you move on to the next stage, which is a more grayish stain. In the final stage, the color changes to a more greenish tone. The mold has already installed itself here and is not safe for consumption.

2. Different texture

When the cake comes out of the oven, it has a fluffy texture. The time the cake goes to the refrigerator, it tends to get a little firmer, but we still feel it and feel it’s very textured.

When it starts to spoil, we can see that the texture of the cake for a texture of a sole cake. It is here that the wheat flour begins to ferment in excess and brings that feeling. The cake loses its aeration and texture.

3. Formation of “web” in the dough

I have seen many people find this mass behavior strange. It happens, mainly, in masses with a lot of dairy and even in the carrot cake, which goes fresh in the recipe.

When the dough is already starting to spoil, in other words, the wheat flour starts to ferment in excess, we can perceive it as if it were a “drool” coming out of the dough. Many people say that it looks like a spider web in the middle of the cake.

I will leave a video below that illustrates exactly what I am talking about.

4. Change in flavor

Shortly after the dough starts to have a solid texture, you will notice that it will start to bitter. I’ve seen people who ate the pasta with “web” and, really, it tasted bitter.

The bitterness is a strong indication that the cake has gone sour. So, it is worth discarding to avoid any type of food poisoning. 😉

5. Mild symptoms

Other factors that may indicate that the cake is already expiring are: heartburn and retching. Of course, there are people who are sensitive (gastritis) to certain types of food and right after the first piece, even if it is fresh out of the oven, heartburn happens. But this is a separate case.

If you don’t usually have such reactions with cake dough, heartburn happens to warn you that something is wrong. When we eat food that is out of date, this is the first clue. Did it hurt? It is not recommended to ingest again.

What to do to make the cake not sour?

How to know if the cake has spoiled

The first thing that will help a lot to preserve your cake is to store it immediately in the refrigerator. Leaving the cake out of the refrigerator, especially in warmer times, is an easy recipe for souring your cake.

Wheat fermentation will happen much faster and in just two days, your cake will start showing the signs I mentioned earlier.

But here’s a note: never put the cake in the open refrigerator. If you put it like that, the cake will harden, dry out and that’s not pleasant. Therefore, protect the dough very well. Place in a plastic bag or cover the form with plastic film or aluminum foil.

That way, your cake will stay for up to 5 days, very fresh, tasty and moist as it should be. 😉

Also avoid storing stuffed cakes for a long time. The ingredients used in fillings can accelerate the process of rotting of the dough. Therefore, they should be consumed within a maximum of 3 days in the refrigerator.

EXTRA TIP: try using a preservative for cakes. This item is indispensable for those who sell homemade cakes. You can also take advantage of confectionery tricks and use natural preservatives such as vitamin C, salt and sugar in syrup form. 😉

So, did you like to learn more about the useful life of a cake dough? So, what do you think about sharing these tips with everyone? I’m sure they can help a lot of people!

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