How many pot cakes do you sell per day? 5 Tips to Increase Sales!

how many pot cakes do you sell per day

There is no exact estimate of how many pot cakes do you sell per day, as its sale depends on numerous factors, such as price, location and quality.

However, it is possible to arrive at an approximate number, and I can tell you, the profits are excellent and many people live only from this work nowadays.

That’s why I’ve gathered a lot of information and tips to help you find the ideal balance of sales and production. Let’s check it out?

After all, how many pot cakes do you sell a day?

how many pot cakes do you sell per day

It is very complex to determine the exact amount of cakes in the pot sold daily. There are people who started with little investment, just to have extra income at the end of the month, but who now live only from this business.

Some entrepreneurs manage to earn more than R$5,000 per month, others R$6,000, that is, it all depends on the quality of the products, audience segmentation, time with the company, the amount charged, customization of the jars and good sales strategies.

The amount currently charged varies from R$4.00 to R$7.00 depending on the flavors and differentials of the product, but we will follow the average of R$5.50.

So, if you charge this amount per unit and manage, for example, to sell 50 cookies daily – something totally possible with the right effort – your profit could be R$5,500 selling only from Monday to Friday.

However, if you create different fillings the price of the product can easily rise to R$7.00, thus increasing its profitability.

Assuming that advertising is the lifeblood of the business, this element has a high impact on the segment. Thus, devising convincing strategies can be a valid alternative to reach a larger audience.

Also consider that the chances of selling more at the beginning of the month are much greater, as people usually receive their salary during this period, and this is even more valuable if it is door to door sale.

Therefore, retaining your customers is the most important step to have recurring sales and an assertive presumed profit.

How much will I spend to start selling cake in the pot?

The investment is quite varied, ranging from R$100.00 to R$500.00. That’s precisely why pot selling is irresistible for many people.

You start with little, manage to produce and have a good return to invest again in different recipes and innovative options. Therefore, the initial investment is basically to buy:

  • Ingredients for cake batter and fillings.
  • Products and items in packaging, always seeking to diversify.
  • Items for decoration such as stickers, stickers and labels.
  • Production accessories such as molds, spatulas, cutters etc.

I can say that the sale of cakes is one of the most attractive businesses and that it offers a considerable profit margin, of course, as long as the quality of the products is unique, in order to differentiate you from the competition.

How to make a profit selling cake in the pot: 5 tips to increase your sales

1. The first step is to value the quality of the product

Always have quality as the main focus of your pot bake sale. Thus, invest in higher quality ingredients that favor tastier, creamier, moist and irresistible recipes.

In a market full of competition, you must do everything to differentiate yourself, and nothing speaks louder than a tasty, unique cake with the taste of wanting more, right?

2. Create a unique identity for your brand

At packaging they must also keep up with this high level of quality, as it adds more value to the products. In addition, evaluate how to create your own brand, which brings its essence to the products, thus raising the perception of customers.

After defining these questions, set aside a part of the investment to create stickers with your brand, contacts, additional information and, if possible, a thank you message, such as: « It’s for you, customer, that I’m always looking to improve my products » .

3. Establish key sales locations

Traditional cake sales are carried out in different ways, that is, at fixed public points, door-to-door or through its own establishment. Assuming that most people start by looking for places with the most flow of people, we have:

  1. Colleges and schools.
  2. Clothing fairs.
  3. Lottery houses.
  4. Salons and other businesses.
  5. Comercial centers.
  6. Main street of the city.
  7. In an online environment.

Of all these possible sales locations, virtual sales can be a great differentiator for your brand to take off, I’ll talk more about it below.

4. Choose the flavors that sell the most

This tip is special for those who have a smaller initial investment, and consists of making a few flavors, but valuing quality. For this you can analyze which flavors can sell more in your city, such as:

  1. cake in sensation pot
  2. very married filling
  3. nest milk pot cake
  4. Prestige stuffing
  5. Cake in the jar of dulce de leche cream
  6. Pineapple pot cake with coconut

5. Create winning sales strategies

THE disclosure it should be a constant process in your sale, as it will attract a greater number of customers. Create social networks and, if possible, an online platform, but don’t abandon the traditional flyers to distribute in stores.

Even if you need more tips, I recommend you check out the Cakes in the Pot Course, which brings many important suggestions for those thinking about starting their own business. Check it out later! 😉

I really hope you enjoyed my tips, be sure to share to inspire others and see you next time!

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