Rectangular, square or round cake tin? What is the best?

Rectangular square or round cake tin

Knowing how to use the right way can be the success factor of a recipe, and the best known are the Rectangular, square or round cake tin.

Each type of shape offers different advantages, facilities and can directly contribute to the successful cake. And as the market is full of options, I decided to help you find the best one for your preparations. Let’s find out?

Rectangular, square or round cake tin: which one is best for your recipes?

Rectangular square or round cake tin

The truth is that today you can find all kinds of shapes on the market, with the most diverse characteristics, materials, features, decorations and sizes. However, are they all really applicable in everyday life?

Does the silicone shape is it better than Teflon? Or maybe aluminum helps to bake better?

In fact, aside from the need to buy a very different way, whether to decorate a birthday cake or wedding, for example, the most traditional and functional are still rectangular, square and round.

Next, I’ll talk a little more about each one, so you can decide which one is best for you.

What is the use of the rectangular shape?

Usually the rectangular shapes – also called baking sheets – have dimensions of 30cm x 40cm and 7cm in height. This is the flatter shape and very suitable for more buttery recipes.

sponge cake recipes they match very well with the rectangular shape, as it helps to spread the mixture well and offer the ideal height, which is usually 5cm. I use this type of cake a lot to make birthday cakes, which require a little thinner layers as they are multi-story.

The tray pan is also ideal for making cake in the pot, as the shape of the pan helps you not to waste so much dough on the sides.

In addition, there is also the rectangular shape measuring 25cm x 10cm and 7cm in height, which is recommended for English cake recipes.

How does the square shape favor the cake?

Much like the rectangular one, the square shape It is recommended for pasta that also contains butter, but here you will find taller shapes, ideal for recipes that usually yield a lot.

In that case, prefer the square form of quality aluminum. As it is a taller form, the amount of dough tends to be greater, that is, if you don’t have a good material, you can bake only on the sides, leaving the middle of the cake raw.

See the use of the round cake pan

Now, if you are looking for the right choice that works for almost any type of recipe, opt for the good old well-known round shape. Its size range accommodates from very small to larger recipes for floor cakes. In fact, always have different sizes for this. 😉

However, it is still important to choose a good brand that offers real aluminum, so that all the heat in your oven will be distributed evenly when baking.

The only care here is with the round shape, size 15cm and 8cm high, as they are recommended for recipes that use butter and fruit, that is, recipes that result in a cake that is heavier and takes longer to bake.

And the form with the hole in the middle, when to use?

At shapes with hole in the middle are a real hand in the wheel when creating practical and quick recipes. I say this because the main objective of this type of form is precisely to speed up the recipe, as the hole leaves both the center and the side well roasted.

However, it is also a way that you should be more careful, as the oven time is reduced compared to the others mentioned above. Another point of attention is: always use the greased form, it helps when unmolding.

6 tips to help you find the perfect cake shape

Knowing the types of shapes helps to choose more assertively, doesn’t it? After all, there is nothing more disappointing than baking the cake carefully and realizing that everything went wrong by choosing the wrong way.

Thus, below I made a small list with practical tips, but that help a lot in choosing the ideal way for your recipe:

  1. Only use tall molds for buttered recipes.
  2. Higher shapes help in recipes where American paste will be applied.
  3. Traditional cakes always go better in smaller forms.
  4. Whenever you make sponge cake, you can use all the shapes mentioned, as long as they are 5cm high.
  5. To differentiate in shapes and decorations, try silicone molds, remembering to read the oven time guidelines.
  6. The mold with a hole in the middle can help in recipes for volcano and trough cakes.

See how there is no secret in using the right way? This is a subject that always raises doubts, but it ends up being very simple in practice.

Finally, if you want to delve into more technical tips, I highly recommend the Professional Homemade Cakes Course, because, no pun intended, it is full of important tips that will add a lot to your daily life. Check it out later!

I really hope you enjoyed my tips, be sure to share to help more people. Good recipes and until next time!

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