What to pass on the cake before the American paste? Amazing Tips and Tricks

what to pass on the cake before the American's pasta

Decorating cakes can be considered an art that requires knowledge, an example is learning in detail what to pass on the cake before the American’s pasta.

Working with American paste is a complex task, especially without knowing the tricks of great professionals.

So, I decided to help your journey in the confectionery world and, today, I’m going to do the trick to make no more mistakes, + amazing tips. Let’s check it out?

After all, what to pass on the cake before the American paste?

what to pass on the cake before the American's pasta

This technique is well known as cake shield for American folder. The main and most used mixture to shield the cake, in order to receive the American paste, is the chocolate ganache.

This is the first step to make sure the dough doesn’t sag, as well as being a great strategy to make the cake smooth, as American paste usually makes the holes visible, bubbles and mass irregularities.

In addition, it is also possible to make a butter cream to shield the cake, known in the confectionery world as Buttercream, which adds flavor and consistency to accommodate the American paste, preventing the dough from breaking all over.

The application method is the same for both shields, that is, spread it with a spatula until you are sure everything is smooth and without imperfections. As ganache is the most traditional method, I’ve put together a foolproof recipe for you below. Write down everything!

Quick Chocolate Ganache Recipe


  • 500g of fractionated chocolate topping
  • ½ box of cream

Preparation mode

  1. Here you have two choices: melt the chocolate in the microwave or in the bain-marie.
  2. Place the fractionated chocolate in a bowl.
  3. If you choose the microwave, take it every 30 seconds, stirring constantly so as not to burn until it melts.
  4. Add the cream.
  5. Mix everything until creamy and smooth.
  6. Set aside until completely cool.
  7. The ideal point of ganache is when it is similar to a very thick cream or ointment.

EXTRA TIP: in case it is requested by the customer or for personal taste, it is possible to make a white ganache, for that use 500g of white chocolate and 50ml of water. 😉

Main cares when using American paste

First, it is essential to know that not every cake can receive american folder. For example, cakes with sponge dough do not support the weight of the paste and can end up falling apart.

The ideal height of the cake for American paste is 10cm, where the greater the number of layers and filling, the greater the consistency for applying the paste. Professionals suggest that the cake has 4 to 5 layers.

prefer more consistent fillings, but avoid at all costs putting raw fruits, because besides being possible for them to go sour, they end up releasing liquids that can harm the texture and structure.

Now, the utmost attention point is not to include stuffing, mousses, whipped cream and other ingredients that must be refrigerated. This is because American paste must be kept strictly at room temperature.

When the paste goes in the refrigerator, it ends up absorbing moisture, that is, it can soften and lose that velvety structure that is the objective of every cake decorated with American paste.

Last but not least, keep the cake from one day to another still in the mold and with a plastic film between the dough and the mold, avoiding sticking the filling and breaking up part of the cake.

Can you put American paste on top of the whipped cream?

You can even put it on, but it won’t have such a good result, and that’s why experts on the subject say that one doesn’t match the other, because like it or not, the whipped cream has a softer consistency, making the American paste end up not sticking to the surface of the cake.

In fact, whipped cream is an ingredient that, as a rule, requires refrigeration in order not to melt. And as I mentioned above, if you refrigerate the American paste it could end up ruined.

In this sense, the alternative is to stick to white ganache or bet on buttercream, as these offer the ideal base for the paste.

6 options for a variety of cake with American paste

If you follow the instructions on using the American paste, chances are you won’t have any problems.

With that, you should know that you can venture into this universe, that is, create different recipes and still use the American paste, do you want to know how? So, look at the options below!

  1. Traditional cake with american paste
  2. Receipt of black Forest cake finished with paste
  3. Prestige Decorated Cake
  4. Chocolate cake with creamy nest and decorative paste
  5. american paste rainbow cake
  6. Cake Well Married

So, have you already lost the fear of using the American paste to differentiate your recipes? Now just get your hands dirty and make the most creative and delicious ones homemade cake recipes.

I really hope you enjoyed today’s tips, share it to help more people lose their fear of confectionery. To the next!

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