Where to take the pot cakes to sell? Everything you need to know!

where to take the pot cakes to sell

To discover where to take the pot cakes to sell it can help a lot in the preservation and freshness of the product, in addition to showing the customer your handling care.

Once ready, the pots need to be stored directly in the refrigerator, but understanding how to transport them in a way that favors this storage can become a real differentiator over the competition, and you need it.

So, I’m going to show you today what the best options are, as well as full shipping tips. Let’s check it out?

Know where to take pot cakes to sell

where to take the pot cakes to sell

The most traditional way of carrying cake in the pot is certainly still the Styrofoam boxes, from the thickest to the simple ones.

However, nowadays it is possible to find different models of bags and coolers, which meet the most diverse realities. But with so many options, which is the most recommended? Which one keeps cakes fresh?

Well, since the product was stored directly under refrigeration, both the Styrofoam box and the thermal bag can provide transport.

However, there are variables you need to consider as well, such as your transportation. Will it be done by car? Will you have to take the subway or bus? Go sell cake in the pot door to door?

So, you need to answer these questions before investing in packaging. For shorter trips and faster sales, such as selling in the neighborhood, the thermal bag may be more suitable.

On the other hand, if the displacement is greater and the cakes need to be stored longer, the ideal is the Styrofoam box or even the thermal box, as many models usually have wheels and a handle to facilitate handling.

That’s because the Styrofoam allows you to put ice on the bottom to keep even more cool, while in the cooler this is kind of impractical.

But if you already have your cooler bag, don’t despair, it’s still possible to add that reusable artificial ice pack in bar. Despite reducing the internal space, it certainly guarantees the ideal temperature for the cake to stay fresh.

What is the approximate storage capacity of the containers?

It is very important to plan before leave home to sell, and getting the quantity right can help your profitability grow. With this, each type of container makes a very specific quantity of pot cakes viable.

If we take the 30lts cooler as an example, it stores, properly and securely, about 30 cakes in the 250ml pot. Also, value the purchase of boxes with cart and support to facilitate movement with the products.

The styrofoam box has the same internal sizing, so a 32lts styrofoam box would probably store in the range of 30 250ml pots.

From there, it’s easier for you to find the balance you need to always carry the right amount to make the trip worthwhile.

EXTRA TIP: as I mentioned in the previous topic, this type of container allows you to add reusable ice, but if you don’t want to invest in it initially, the alternative is to freeze balloons with water and 1 regular alcohol cap.

Everything You Need to Know About Pot Cake Shipping

The sale of pot cakes, especially the transport of the product, is usually a very sensitive stage, in which the smallest mistakes cause great losses.

So, you can’t be too careful and I’ve put together some quick tips to reduce the chances of problems and surprises.

Before leaving home

  • Make sure the pot cakes are stored until the last moment.
  • Mount the pots at maximum the day before, never before.
  • Wisely plan your route of delivery or offering of cakes.
  • Make sure you place the styrofoam, bag or cool box on a completely flat surface, such as the trunk.
  • Make sure you have placed all orders or products for the working day.

During transport

  • If possible, avoid leaving your container in direct sunlight.
  • On very hot days, the ideal is to leave the vehicle as ventilated as possible, even if the box has ice.

On delivery of the pot cakes

  • If you are delivering more than one package, avoid opening the container more than necessary.
  • If the sale is at a commercial point, always be sheltered from the intense heat.
  • Finally, show all the care and zeal for the product to the customer, so that he can see the care used in his order.

Regardless of the chosen container, always have the same concern to keep the freshness, the lightness of dough and the combination of intact flavors, as this is the first point every customer notices.

Taking responsibility for storage and delivery is just one of the needs that a good entrepreneur must meet. However, you should always think about going beyond the competition, that is, going beyond the minimum that most usually deliver.

For this it is essential to seek more knowledge, both to improve the quality of revenue and to manage your business successfully. That’s why I highly recommend that you check out the Cakes in the Pot Course.

The course is very complete, has different recipes tips, management tips and sales tips, which will help a lot in the organization of your business. Check it out later, okay? 😉

I really hope you enjoyed my tips and that they help you improve your cake deliveries and pot sales, which are super high. Take the opportunity to share this complete content with others and until next time!

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