Why put hot milk in cake? What is the function of hot milk?

why put hot milk in the cake

The different techniques in the preparation of cakes can be the difference for the success of the recipe, but you know why put hot milk in the cake?

Milk is one of the main ingredients of the most varied recipes, and it fulfills different functions to help make that amazing cake.

So, to help you, I’ve separated really accurate information and some recipe ideas to use hot milk as the main differential. Let’s check it out?

Why put hot milk in the cake and what is its function?

why put hot milk in the cake

The milk, whether hot or cold, is responsible for bringing more softness to the cake, leaving any fluffier and more airy recipe. However, hot milk has the role of « fusing » with other specific ingredients, resulting in a unique combination.

In fact, another purpose for using it hot is that it helps activate the yeast, which makes the cake gain structure, but in a safe and consistent way.

That’s exactly why hot milk must be used in the correct recipes and that ask for the ingredient at this temperature.

Thus, the main recipes that call for hot milk are those in which the base is oil. So, whether it’s soy, canola, coconut or sunflower oil, the milk should be warm to hot.

That’s because it won’t interfere with the mixture, on the contrary, it favors the homogenization of ingredients. Of course, if you still want to use room temperature milk in this type of recipe, you can, but warm milk gives a better result.

On the other hand, cold or iced milk is more suitable for cakes in which the base is butter or cream, which is pasteurized fresh cream. With this, the low temperature of the milk does not melt the butter or cream, which helps in the structure of the cake.

Does milk fulfill other functions in the recipe?

Yes, milk has many advantages that help in success cake recipe, such as:

  • Provides structure and softness at the same time.
  • Helps retain moisture.
  • Expands the nutritional value of the recipe.
  • Brings a pleasant aroma to the cake.

That’s why I always think twice about substituting milk for water, for example, unless it’s a matter of real taste.

Can you put hot milk in the chocolate cake?

Yes, it is very valid to opt for hot milk in chocolate cake recipes. That’s because it will help bring out that wonderful dark color that every chocolate recipe should have.

Making a very dark chocolate cake is the desire of many bakers, as in addition to being more visually beautiful, it is more attractive to customers. 😉

This is the result of the reaction between hot milk and cocoa powder. It is also worth mentioning that the higher the percentage of cocoa, the darker the cake will be, especially with the use of hot milk.

Therefore, avoid using chocolate milk, because in addition to being a cake too sweet, it will not have the effect of accentuated coloring.

If I don’t have milk, can I replace it with hot water?

Surely you’ve already seen the most different recipes out there, including those that call for hot water, right? And yes, you can substitute water, but it can’t be boiling, just warm.

It is worth emphasizing at this point because when boiling water comes into contact with the yeast, it ends up damaging and even rendering the yeast unusable. The result of this action is the famous and dreaded sole cake, which had no growth and withered.

The way is to stick to the measures and specifications of the recipe, in order to make a safe recipe.

10 hot milk cake ideas

why put hot milk in the cake

When I talk about hot milk on the cake, many people already think that this restricts the recipe options, that it will be possible to make only simple cakes.

However, the truth is that you can always vary, dare and take risks in search of the recipe that is dear to you in the kitchen. With that in mind, I’ve separated 10 ideas of hot milk cakes for a change there at your house, follow them.

  1. Simple hot milk cake.
  2. With the addition of vanilla essence.
  3. Cake made in a blender.
  4. Add Nest milk.
  5. Use semisweet chocolate.
  6. Enjoy the creamy cornmeal.
  7. Warm milk cake with coconut and dulce de leche
  8. Use lemon frosting in recipes as it enhances the flavor.
  9. Recipes with grated coconut.
  10. Use Brazil nuts and almonds.

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