Can I leave the cake in the oven after it’s done? See how to proceed!

can I leave the cake in the oven after it's ready

Does can I leave the cake in the oven after it’s ready? No, you cannot leave the cake in the oven after baking. This will cause your cake to wilt almost immediately.

Every cake recipe requires certain peculiarities and some rules need to be strictly followed. This is one of them. Check out below how to avoid problems with your freshly baked cake!

When is the right time to get the cake out of the oven?

can I leave the cake in the oven after it's ready

Don’t believe that expression: the cake started to smell, it’s ready! This does not mean that your cake is ready, but that it is beginning to brown. The cake finishes baking around 30 minutes in the oven.

Therefore, it takes another 5 or 10 minutes to brown. It depends a lot on the power of the oven. Mine, for example, leaves the cake ready in 40 minutes, regardless of the recipe.

So, the right time to take the cake out of the oven is when it is golden brown. Then yes it is time to do the toothpick test. There are times when you notice that the cake is golden on the outside, but inside you still need a little more time.

This happens when the oven temperature is too high. In this case, it browns faster on the outside, but it does not completely bake on the inside. That is why it is so important to test the toothpick. If it comes out clean and dry, you can take the cake out of the oven immediately.

On the other hand, if you leave the cake baked in the oven for a long time, your cake will sink and dry out. In some cases it does not sink, but several cracks appear on the surface of the cake.

It has been proven that it is better to remove the cake from the oven as soon as it is ready, isn’t it?

Can you unmold the hot cake?

No, this is a very big risk and can cause your cake to break all over. Especially fluffy cakes, they need to cool completely before unmolding. Thus, it manages to firm the entire structure acquired inside the oven.

In general, it is recommended to leave the cake to cool for 15 to 20 minutes on a safe surface.

Where to store the baked cake?

This is another very important precaution that prevents your cake from wilting out of nowhere. If you put the shape of the hot cake, fresh out of the oven, on a marble countertop, for example, it may wilt at the same time.

The sudden change in temperature affects the structure of the cake. Therefore, remove the cake from the oven, place it on a dish towel and leave it on any airy surface.

You can even leave the form on the stove. But in that case, the cake will take a little longer to cool. There is not ways to cool the cake faster. If you force this process, you may experience problems with your revenue.

So, the best thing is to have patience and wait this time to unmold. 😉

The cake sank, what to do?

There was no way and the cake sank? So, the best thing to do is to fix all this damage. Do you know what I do when that happens?

I carefully remove the top of the dough and prepare a very creamy topping. It can be a chocolate ganache or even a whipped cream mousse. Then just give that generous finish that no one will notice the disaster.

Another way out is to turn this sunken cake into a pool cake, have you seen this model? Just remove the top of the cake, minus the sides with about 2 fingers and put a super creamy filling on top.

Make a volcano cake!

Generally when the masses sink, the sides are almost intact. If this happens to you, remove all the central part and turn this disastrous cake into an unforgettable volcano cake.

In that case, you will need to make a very large filling recipe. It can be chocolate ganache or even white chocolate. Water over the cake and fill the entire central cavity. When you cut the first piece, a beautiful cascade of filling will fall. Everyone will love it! ♥

Can you take the cake out of the oven and put it back in?

It depends on when you took it out and how long you took it out of the oven. Under no circumstances you can open the oven before 30 minuteslet alone take the cake out of the oven.

If you did that, you already condemned the recipe, because the dough will go solar. Now, if you took the cake out of the oven after 30 minutes, but saw that it did not turn golden enough, you can go back to the oven and leave it for another 10 minutes.

I do this directly because my oven has no light. So, I really have to take it out of the oven to see how the color is. After 30 minutes in the oven, the structure of the cake will be completely safe. So, there will be no risk of sinking or solar.

So, did you like to know more about these confectionery tricks? Now you can start putting everything into practice, as it will make a big difference in the result of your cake. Can believe! Share the tips on your social networks!

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