Do it and have a cute cake: check out amazing tips!

fluffy cake

Today you will learn a secret of confectionery that makes all the difference in the production of cakes. I’m sure you love one too fluffy cake, which melts in your mouth, right?

So, know that the technique is much simpler than it looks, but it takes a lot of dedication. Check it out below!

Beating the cake in your hand will make your cake very cute

fluffy cake

Yes, this is the biggest secret and there is no household appliance that will exceed the results of this method of preparation. In fact, our grandmother used to do just that in our childhood and I’m sure you remember that fluffy texture.

Everyone looks crooked when I talk about beat the cake in hand. After all, if we have modern mixers, why suffer to make cake? It turns out, today there is no more suffering.

In the past, the wheat flour it was not as gluten-enriched as it is today. You can see that the flours we see in the supermarket are ideal for both the production of homemade bread and cakes.

A few years ago, wheat flour type 1 and type 2 existed, this was used specifically for the production of breads. Today, we find only type 1 flour. This means that it has become even more powerful to enable the production of breads and, at the same time, cakes.

What I mean is that in the past we had to beat the cake dough for a long time to activate the gluten and make the dough rise. Because the flours are more powerful, there is no longer a need to beat so much.

In fact, the less you beat, the more fluffy your cake will be. This is precisely why it is more appropriate to beat a cake in your hand than in mixers or blenders. 😉

Why is beating cake in hand better than blender?

The blender beats much more than the mixer, especially the planetary ones. And as you can see, if you hit everything in the blender, when we used to do it in the past, you will run the risk of leaving the cake flat and heavy.

I don’t particularly trust making a whole cake in a blender. In fact, I have had bad experiences with that. What I usually do is beat the first ingredients like milk, eggs, sugar and oil in a blender.

Then, I transfer this wonderful mixture to a bowl and gradually add the flour. To help you, I’ll leave a video below that explains exactly what I’m talking about. You can follow the step by step that really works!

The biggest secret is to respect the order of the ingredients

I always say here on the blog that the order of the ingredients totally changes the result of the cake. Each ingredient added to the recipe has a specific function. Eggs, for example, are responsible for binding the dough.

Sugar, on the other hand, serves to bring more creaminess and enhance the taste of the dough. So, let’s assume that you decide to put the wheat flour in the bowl first, and then the eggs.

Your dough will begin to lump. So far so good, but you will need to stir this mixture a lot more and add the other ingredients to gain a little creaminess. The time you will need to stir may change the texture of the cake, as wheat flour cannot go through this process.

Result? You will have a cake that is not solved and has not grown as much as you expected. So, to beat the cake in your hand, start by adding the eggs in a bowl, the butter or oil and sugar.

Stir a lot with a fork or fork until you get a cream. This will happen when the sugar starts to melt. Then you can gradually add the wheat flour and alternate it with the milk.

I usually add 3 to 4 tablespoons of flour at a time and a little bit of milk. Stir just until mixed and that’s it!

EXTRA TIP: use ingredients that increase the cuteness of the cake

In addition to these tips that I showed you, you can further increase your recipe for an incredible cake.

Always try to use egg whites. In this case, we will need a mixer or a mixer just to make the whites on the spot. Remembering that they should always be incorporated into the dough last.

Another thing that helps a lot is using the maize starch. Have you heard? Just replace some of the flour. For example, if the recipe calls for 3 cups of flour, use 2 cups and replace 1 with cornstarch.

But rest assured that it will not leave a different flavor in the dough!

Finally, I always indicate that you use oil instead of butter. This is because it helps to homogenize the dough better. In addition, it ensures that your cake stays fluffy and moist for longer, even in the refrigerator.

You now have a complete guide to make a fluffy cake. I really hope I helped you. Start putting everything into practice, as I am sure you will love it. Share the tips!

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