How long can a cake be out of the fridge? 6 tips to last!

how long can a cake be out of the fridge

The cake can be kept out of refrigeration for up to 3 days. To know how long can a cake be out of the fridge it can help a lot to avoid waste, especially when we talk about sales business, and even to avoid any kind of food poisoning.

Therefore, I selected 6 tips to help you keep the recipes better, increasing the durability and safety of cake consumption. Let’s check it out?

6 tips to preserve and increase cake life

how long can a cake be out of the fridge

1. Always prefer refrigeration for the right recipes

The reality is that the cake’s durability depends on many aspects, such as the ingredients used, the way it is prepared, the type of recipe, and so on.

As I showed, the validity of the common recipe, let’s say a cornmeal cake, for example, is usually 3 days out of the fridge. However, if you want to increase its durability, the ideal is to take it to refrigerate in the refrigerator in an airtight pot.

Refrigeration can prolong this cake for approximately 3 days longer in the refrigerator. However, this is different for a recipe with frosting, which has a filling, fruit and a more moist mass.

In this case, it is mandatory to store it in the refrigerator and the safe shelf life is about 3 days, remembering to seal the cake container well so that it does not dry out with the cold air from the refrigerator.

2. Pay attention to the validity and quality of ingredients

Another tip that makes homemade cakes more durable and safe for consumption is to always use ingredients within the expiration date and, if possible, of higher quality.

Obviously the expired ingredients influence the recipe to become much more perishable. Quality ingredients, on the other hand, are produced from more rigorous industrial processes that guarantee their integrity.

And this also goes for fruit cakes, in other words, prefer fresh fruit, but not so ripe, as they end up « moving » faster when handled.

3. The importance of correctly labeling cakes

This tip is especially for those who works with the sale of cakes. In the rush of production, packaging and delivery of products, it is common to miss the correct note of the validity of the recipe.

However, know that your customer has a right to know and will certainly ask about it. Therefore, correctly labeling cakes with clear and honest information helps in sales, retains customers and offers safer consumption. 😉

4. Don’t leave the fruits aside, but know how to incorporate them

There is no better combination than a cake with fruit, either in syrups or incorporated directly into the filling. However, increasing recipes with fresh fruit requires some care, as some tend to release more liquid, such as strawberries.

And this directly influences the validity of the cake, whether in the refrigerator or outside it. After all, there is a possibility that the cake will go sour more quickly and spoil what was supposed to be a divine experience, isn’t there?

Thus, a tip is to cut the washed fruit into pieces, take it in a container and sprinkle sugar over them, leaving it to act for 15 minutes. Sugar will be responsible for absorbing practically all the liquid in the fruits. Finally, pass through a sieve to discard the liquid and use.

This technique helps extend the shelf life of fruit cakes, as it reduces the chances of the filling going sour.

5. Recipes with higher fat content last longer

Did you know that recipes for cakes with a high fat content last much longer? This happens precisely because of the presence of fat, which slows down the chemical process that makes the cake spoil.

As an example, we have the buttery cake recipe, very easy to make and that has an extended life, especially under refrigeration. Therefore, whenever possible, prefer to use ingredients that offer this convenience.

6. Give proper treatment to liquid ingredients

And of course, the main responsible for making the cake last more or less, is the bacteria, which is present in everything. Therefore, the idea is to eliminate as much of the revenue as possible.

To do this, separate all liquid ingredients, such as water and milk, and boil them in advance, remembering to let them cool before use. This simple boiling process helps to reduce the number of agents that cause the cake to spoil.

EXTRA TIP for better quality of recipes

Well, now you know some procedures to increase durability, but you still need to know something very important, especially if it’s for your cake business.

Prefer to always make your recipes close to consumption, unless you have high demand for orders, where product turnover is high.

This is because when you refrigerate an ordinary cake for a few days, the dough tends to become more dry and less elastic, which is when the cake starts to get hard. So the less time in the fridge, the fresher and more fluffy it remains.

On the other hand, more complex recipes like iced cake should certainly go straight to the fridge.

What did you think of the suggestions? Want even more important tips? So I suggest you get to know the Professional Homemade Cakes Course, as it is full of tricks and preparations that can help your business grow a lot, check it out later!

I really hope you enjoyed my tips. Take the opportunity to share and help more people to preserve their recipes. To the next!

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