Easy Jammed Cow Recipe

cow mired

Cassava also known as cassava is the main ingredient in several recipes, such as cassava cake for example. But today you will learn the famous Jammed Cow Recipe. With a super juicy meat.

cow mired

The bogged down cow is a very typical recipe, it was by accident that this recipe happened, it’s not known for sure, but it seems that one person only had one pan to make lunch and he tried cooking these two ingredients together, this way this typical dish emerged.

Jammed Cow Recipe

1 and ½ beef rib (Rib)
1 kg of cassava
4 scoops of red spice
700 ml of water
salt and green smell to taste

Preparation mode:
First, let’s start putting the rib under pressure to cook, with artisan seasoning, oregano and salt.

Soon after, place the cassava also in a pressure cooker with salt water and a broth and let it cook.

Then, in a pan, saute the seasoning in a generous amount and add the ribs, sauté and start adding the cooked cassava, go breaking the cassava and mixing, then start adding the cassava cooking broth and finally the cassava cooking broth. rib, (without the excess fat from cooking, remove the fat with the aid of a ladle).

mired cow recipe

This way, part of the cassava will melt and leave a very creamy broth.

Normally it is not necessary to add salt because the rib has been seasoned and the cassava too, but always taste it at the end of the preparation when the broth has already been reduced and correct it if necessary.

Finally, turn off, add green scent and serve.

Ready! Now you’ve learned the true mired cow recipe, and you’ll be able to make it at home, do it and tell us what you think.

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