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ways to bake cakes

Today I will show you 6 different ways of baking cakes. That way, you will have a lot more freedom to choose which one is right for you.

In fact, trying new recipes with other utensils, in addition to the traditional stove, can bring incredible experiences for you. Check it out!

6 easy ways to bake cake

ways to bake cakes

1. Pressure cooker cake

Incredible as it may seem, the cake develops perfectly, is fluffy and very well structured.

There are two ways to do pressure cooker cake. You can simply line the bottom with coarse salt – it helps to control the temperature – and put the cake dough in the pan.

Another way is to grease the bottom with butter and put a paper towel. Then just place the dough. In just 10 minutes you will have a fluffy cake. 😉

EXTRA TIP: the only care is when unmolding. You will need to wait until the cake has cooled completely before removing it from there. Thus, you will not run the risk of breaking all of its mass.

2. Cake on the airfryer

This is a great idea and very practical for those who have the appliance and want to be notified when the cake is ready.

There are also two ways to bake the cake in the airfryer. The first is using a mold that fits perfectly in the bowl of the appliance. The second is making the cake directly in the bowl.

To do this, just butter the entire bottom and sides of the bowl and sprinkle with flour. It is important to grease to the top of the sides, as the dough will rise. In order not to run the risk of sticking and burning, it is worth anointing everything. 😉

Preparation time is the same as a traditional oven. But there are reports of people who put the cake to bake and needed 45 minutes. It depends on the amount of dough you put.

Just in case, bake at 180º for about 35 minutes. When the time comes, Do the toothpick test and if you need more time, add another 10 minutes.

3. Pot cake on the stove top

I already left here on the blog one recipe for cake made in the pan. Check it out later! 😉

This technique allows you to make a cake in the pan in the mouth of the stove. It helps a lot when the oven stops working, for some reason. Most people usually put a shape that fits inside the pan.

But I’ve also seen people doing it directly inside the pan. You can only grease with butter that works, as long as the pan is non-stick. If it’s an aluminum pan, it’s worth greasing with flour as well.

To bake cake on the stove top, you will need to cover the pan and let it cook over a very low heat so as not to burn. Preparation time is absurdly fast. In just 8 minutes your cake will be ready!

It is interesting to put a glass lid, so that you will be able to follow the development of the cake and know if it is already golden brown at the point.

4. Cake in a water bath

bake cake fast

This technique is widely used for ovens that do not have 180º, that is, they start from 200º. With such a high temperature, you can possibly burn your pasta. To avoid this, a tip is to make the cake in a water bath.

The water bath is also used in the famous husband catches cake recipe. Because it is an extremely liquid dough, it is recommended to make it in the water bath so that it can bake completely.

The only downside to baking cake this way is that it takes a lot longer. Generally, the ideal time is approximately 1 hour, with a lid.

The water bath can be done in the oven or at the stove.

5. Microwave cake

With just 6 minutes it is possible to make a delicious microwave cake. The requirement is that you have a silicone form, suitable for microwaves. NEVER take an aluminum pan because it is extremely dangerous!

It is also possible to do Mug Cake, super fast, easy and economical recipe. In just 2 minutes you already have a beautiful and fluffy cupcake to taste!

6. Electric oven cake

Want to save on gas? So, this is a great strategy, as well as being super practical too!

There is no secret. After all, the step by step is the same as a gas oven cake. The ideal temperature for roasting is 180º, but set this temperature to the golden brown function until the total time is up.

The estimated time for the cake to completely bake is 40 minutes. But keep an eye out because you may need another 5 minutes.

When this time is up, you will notice that the cake will be ready. If you want, you can switch to the browning function at the top and add + 5 minutes, but only if necessary.

If you let too much time pass, you can dry out the dough. So, if it is white, you can leave it browning for another 5 minutes, otherwise you can already remove it, which is ready to taste! 😉

So, you already knew these ways to bake cakes? Which one are you going to test today? Tell me in the comments and don’t forget to share these tips on your social networks!

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