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creamy passion fruit coconut

One of the most typical sweets in Brazil is coconut candy, it has gained several versions over time, so today you will learn the best creamy passion fruit candy.

creamy passion fruit coconut

I was traveling through a city in the interior of Bahia, and there was a stall with various flavors of coconut at the fair, it was where I ate the best creamy passion fruit coconut, and of course I couldn’t leave without this recipe, and today I’m going to borrow it for you.

This recipe is super simple, with few ingredients you can make a lot, check out the recipe now:

passion fruit coconut

Creamy Passion Fruit Cocada Recipe

500 grams of fresh coconut
1 cup and 1/2 of crystal sugar
3/4 cup of water
1 can of whole condensed milk (395 grams)
Pulp of a passion fruit (about 100 grams)

Method of preparation:
First, to make the creamy passion fruit coconut candy, put the sugar and water in a pan and stir well, then cook until it starts to boil.

Soon after, when it is forming a syrup, add the coconut and stir without stopping, so as not to stick to the pan. The sugar will dry the coconut, after that add the condensed milk and passion fruit pulp.

Then, stir until it starts to come off the bottom of the pan. Use a thicker pan so it cooks without burning.

When it is ungluing, it is already ready to be removed from the fire.

Pour on top of marble greased with unsalted butter. With the help of 2 spoons, shape the coconut sweets.

Finally, let it dry and then be packed.

creamy passion fruit coconut

This creamy passion fruit candy is valid for 30 days, you can also make it in pots and sell it, it’s a product that has great output. If you want to make a different flavor, just change the passion fruit pulp for another fruit like pineapple, for example.

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