6 that can ruin your cake

Did you know that there are mistakes we make when making cake that can completely change the result? As much as you follow the recipe, something can go unnoticed and ruin your cake.

They are common mistakes, but easy to avoid. If you always make the recipes, follow the step by step, but it is not a pretty cake, maybe you are missing at a certain point. So I have put together a list of tricks that you can try out there at your home to make perfect cakes and never make mistakes in recipes again. Check it out!

6 Worst Mistakes When Making Cake

1. Do not check the expiration date

Look, I already made that silly mistake. In my case, it was with the yeast. It had been a long time since I had made cakes at home and I never imagined that I was beaten. Result? My cake did not grow and soled.

Other ingredients that need a lot of attention regarding validity are: eggs, milk and wheat flour. These items totally lose the effect they bring to the dough. So, they make your cake not look pretty after it’s done.

2. Do not grease the pan before beating the dough

I’ve seen a lot of people leave to grease the mold at the last minute. This is one of the most serious errors, since once the yeast is mixed with the other ingredients, it needs to be taken to the oven immediately.

The time it takes you to grease the mold is the time that the yeast starts to work. Result? Your cake will not grow as it should, and it may have a solid and heavy dough.

Therefore, the first thing to do is to leave the mold ready to receive the dough and then take it straight to the oven.

3. Do not preheat the oven

And speaking of the oven, this is the second thing you need to do in a homemade cake recipe. For a cake to grow perfectly, develop aeration and finish well baked, the oven needs to be very well preheated.

The minimum preheating time required is 15 minutes, at a temperature of 180º or 10 minutes at 200º. So, it is more or less the total time it will take you to beat the cake dough.

Greased pan and preheated oven, when you finish the dough, just take it to the oven quickly. Much more practical, isn’t it?

4. Make the cake “in the eye”

In the past, this technique was used a lot, but let’s face it, our grandmothers were masters at making cakes, right? With the practice of making cakes every day it was no longer necessary to measure utensils, as they were already used to the correct measure of ingredients for each recipe.

To do that today is to ask the cake to go wrong. So I suggest you invest in a meter, it could be those plastic cups, I use it and it works really well.

The exact amount of each ingredient is very important for your cake to be bulky and at the same time fluffy and airy. On the other hand, if you exceed in some ingredients like yeast, for example, you may have an irregularly shaped cake.

If you add too much flour, your dough will be extremely hard. If you add too much milk or water, your cake will not be fluffy, on the contrary, it may stay raw and soled.

5. Beat everything in the blender

Have you ever heard that expression? « Ah, just hit everything in the blender and that’s it! ». This is one of the biggest mistakes. If you are looking for a fluffy and light cake, you can’t go that way.

In the past, I could even do it this way, since the composition of wheat flour was different. Today, we can no longer beat the wheat flour, otherwise it is the right recipe for a heavy cake.

If we beat the dough too much with flour, we can speed up the process of developing the gluten contained in the flour. There your mass will be much more elastic than it should be, preventing your growth and development.

Of course, I cannot generalize here. If you follow the orders of the ingredients, that is, first beat the liquids + the sugar and then add the wheat flour, lightly beat, put the yeast and stir with a spoon, you can.

What you can’t do is put everything in a blender and beat for a long time. Eggs, sugar and eggs, for example, need to be beaten beforehand to form that cream. This cream will bring all the creaminess, shine and texture to the dough.

So, respect the order of the ingredients, because it matters a lot in the result of the cake!

6. Bake the cake too much

mistakes we make when making cake

Someone has already told me that he likes the cake very golden and for this reason, he usually leaves the cake baking for another 5 minutes, in addition to what the recipe calls for. If the cake is to be enjoyed at home with the family, there is no problem.

In fact, I even suggest that you grease the pan with butter and sprinkle sugar. That way, the cake will have that super crispy and very golden crust.

But if you intend to sell cakes, I don’t recommend that you do that. If it passes, even if it is only 3 minutes, in addition to the 35 required in the oven, your dough will dry out completely. This means that you will lose all the work of preparing the dough, putting egg whites to obtain a soft and fluffy cake.

In addition, if this cake goes to the refrigerator, the problems will get even worse. The dough may be hard and unpleasant to taste. So never exceed the time the recipe calls for!

So, which of these mistakes have you ever made in the kitchen? Now you know some important steps to prevent something from going wrong with your cake. You can call them to visit and test new recipes. Share the tips!

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