Basic materials for getting started with cakes

For those thinking of getting a loyal customer base, it is essential to know the basic materials to start working with cakes.

The truth is that working with the right utensils speeds up the making, helps you get the dough right and increases the chances of making amazing recipes.

So, I created a list with the main materials, I’ll show you which utensils to use to decorate cakes like a professional and tips to sell more. Check out!

List of 20 basic materials to start working with cakes

When we talk about materials to make, there is not always a single consensus between bakers and bakers. This is because each person has their own way of making recipes, of changing accessories from one recipe to another, and specific customs.

For example, a simple cornmeal cake recipe it requires fewer materials than a big mixed dough recipe for birthday, for example.

So, our list here brings the basic materials, that is, they are the basis for all possible recipes. With this, you’ll be able to create anything from the fastest cake to the one that takes more time to mix. So, write down each utensil there:

  1. Planetary mixer or blender.
  2. Shapes suitable for the recipe, which can be the one with a hole in the middle, silicone, Teflon, spiral, aluminum, among others. Have several sizes, as it influences the weighing.
  3. Scale to weigh the ingredients and not waste anything.
  4. Non-stick pan for preparing syrups and fillings.
  5. New cups or measuring cup for measuring liquid ingredients.
  6. If you are an organized person, have small ramekins to separate dry and liquid ingredients. 😉
  7. Different size sieve to remove lumps from the flour, sugar and to sprinkle ingredients over the cake in the decoration.
  8. Large sawed knife to separate the dough parts.
  9. Fuê for hand indicated mixtures.
  10. Spatulas of various sizes, including large stainless steel to support cake slices, if you go sell in pieces. Also consider the silicone spatulas to make the fillings. 😉
  11. Bowls, preferably glass.
  12. Silicone brush, as it makes it easier to spread the syrup or make decorations.
  13. Measuring spoons of different sizes.
  14. Special thermometer for oven, so you have more precision in recipes.
  15. Cake tester to make sure the dough has baked. It can be completely optional if you are already an expert in famous toothpick test.
  16. Acetate sheet for shaping the cakes at the time of assembly.
  17. Shapes with removable bottom to facilitate unmoulding.
  18. Cutter rims for make cake in the pot.
  19. Pastry bag for special decorations.
  20. Tracing paper to grease the molds.

Besides, I can mention film paper, rest racks, feeders, among many other things that can make a difference in your production.

EXTRA TIP: for an even better result, prefer to use a wooden spoon to mix, as the filling becomes creamier and more consistent.

What are the most suitable materials for decorating cakes?

basic materials to start working with cakes

Now, when it comes to cake decoration, there must be extra care when choosing, since each type of decoration requires very specific utensils.

A good example are the spouts, which have sizes and shapes that can be the success or failure factor of the recipe, especially when used incorrectly. With that in mind, I selected 7 materials that every decorator must have.

1 – Roll for American paste

Only those who work with american folder understand the importance of having good rolls to open the folder. And at that moment, know that the better the roll, the better the result. Therefore, opt for the smooth and textured roller to differentiate the recipes.

2 – Swivel base to decorate

Also known as ballerina, the swivel base is an essential item to simplify the decoration, as you can rotate in any direction, correct problems and give a professional touch to cakes.

3 – Specific non-stick mat

If you don’t want the American paste to stick to the surface when you open it, you should certainly buy a non-stick mat to avoid any risks.

4 – Scissors and measuring tape

Scissors serve more to speed up the cutting of ribbons, papers or even in the step of giving the final touch to the American folder, removing the excess. And the tape measure brings more precision to give a balanced and proportional size as a whole. 😉

5 – Tracing paper

In addition to being widely used to line the molds to prevent the baked cake from sticking, parchment paper can also be used strategically to create decorations that require an extra touch of subtlety.

6 – Confectionery spatulas

The complete set of spatulas is an essential item for the confectioner, as it allows the filling to be worked better and the toppings evenly spread.

7 – Cutters and molds

Ideal for giving new shapes to decor, silicone molds help to give a refined finish. And cutters help with simple tasks, but they speed up the decoration.

In addition, there are also brushes, various dyes, straighteners, bowls and specific shapes to expand the decor range.

What are you waiting for to start working with homemade cakes?

Now that you know what you need to start working with cakes, with irresistible recipes and you’ve learned what tools the professional baker should have, it’s your time to be successful with the cake sale.

In any case, if you want to go even deeper into this vast universe, I highly recommend that you take a look at Professional Homemade Cakes Course. It brings many recipes, tricks and knowledge that a professional must have to conquer the market. Be sure to check it out!

I really hope you enjoyed my tips. Take the opportunity to share and help others earn extra money. To the next!

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