Cake in the fridge hardens? Learn how to prevent this from happening!

Does cake in the fridge hardens? The answer is: it depends, because it depends a lot on the type of ingredient you used in the dough.

In fact, it is in the proper preparation of the dough that you will guarantee a cake with greater durability. But do not worry! I’ve separated some tips for you to follow. Check it out!

When does the cake harden in the refrigerator?

The cake hardens in the refrigerator if you add butter or margarine to the dough. Notice how the butter softens quickly as soon as you take it out of the refrigerator. But when it returns to cooling, it hardens quickly in a few minutes.

This will also happen with your dough, even if you use melted butter to beat with the eggs and sugar.

Another thing is that cakes made with butter or margarine cannot be frozen. On the other hand, cake with oil can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 5 days, without losing texture and moisture. It can even be frozen for up to 2 months. So, I always suggest that you choose to add oil to the dough!

Of course, there are some recipes for butter cake that cannot be made with oil, otherwise they will lose all texture and unique characteristics. If you want to make a cake for display at parties, then the best choice is to use butter.

That way, the dough will be more textured and firmer, which will last for a long time. So it also depends a lot on your goal.

« But most of the recipes I have at home ask to put margarine, what to do? » In that case, you will need to use a standard substitution method that does not affect the texture or flavor of your pasta.

See below how to replace the butter or margarine on the cake!

How to replace margarine with oil

First of all, know that there is a standard calculation that you can use to never make mistakes in recipes. For every 100g of butter, replace with ½ cup (tea) of oil.

In fact, for a cake with 3 cups (tea) of flour, the ideal will always be this measure of oil, never again. I’ve seen recipes with 1 cup (tea) of oil, but I don’t recommend it for the health factor.

Therefore, ½ cup is enough to fulfill its role, connect the dough and leave your cake wet and fresh for longer.

Don’t you want to make any mistakes? Then, for each spoon (soup) of butter, replace with 1 and ½ spoon (soup) of oil. Follow to the letter this table that will be super successful!

What is the best oil to use when making cakes?

The best oil to make cake is corn oil. I say this for its health benefits, as it contains one of the highest levels of phytosterols. This component inhibits the absorption of cholesterol, helps to reduce the levels of total cholesterol in the blood.

Sunflower oil is also indicated. But we know that the value is not so economical, is it?

I’ve already tried making cake with olive oil, but I didn’t really like the result. My experience was with a simple cake and at the end of it, my cake tasted like olive oil. In addition, the smell was also evident. ☹

There are some techniques to disguise the flavor, such as: adding vanilla essence or adding some type of syrup. If you have availability for this, you can easily use the oil in the amount of ½ cup.

How to store the cake properly in the refrigerator

Be aware that even cakes made with oil can dry out in the refrigerator, if they are not stored properly, that is, opened. We can never store the cake in the fridge all open.

Of course it looks better, but it helps to dry out much faster. In just 1 day, your cake will turn into a stone. Therefore, store the cake in a tightly closed container, such as those made of plastic or glass.

Any ingredient, if kept open in the refrigerator, can wither and change its structure and with the cake it could not be different. Aerated cake recipes are even easier to harden because of their “furadinha” structure.

If you don’t have a cake pan, you can keep the cake in the same shape. But cover it tightly with plastic film. This will help to keep the dough moisture intact when you enjoy the cake the next day. 😉

So, did you like to learn more about how to store the cake in the fridge? So, use all these techniques that I’m sure your recipes will come out even more irresistible. Share the tips!

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