Can I grease the cake pan with butter only? Learn how to do it right!

I can grease the cake pan only with butter

I can grease the cake pan only with butter? Yes, you can use only butter. However, there are certain types of recipes, such as carrot cake, that are very liquid and using only butter can cause the dough to stick to the shape.

Do you want to learn tricks and tips to avoid making mistakes when greasing your shape? So, come with me because I have separated some information that will make a big difference in your recipes!

Butter or margarine?

I can grease the cake pan only with butter

Although it is one of the simplest steps when creating wonderful cake recipes, the process of greasing the mold still raises many doubts. Can I use only oil? Or who knows how to save with margarine? Is it mandatory to sprinkle wheat flour on top?

Among cooking oil, margarine and butter, I will always indicate butter. This is because both the oil and the margarine (although they also work) leave a trace of flavor on the outside of the cake dough. And I don’t know about you, but it is not very pleasant to taste these ingredients.

Butter, in addition to complementing it with a pleasant flavor, brings some health benefits: it offers a wide variety of minerals, vitamins and lauric acid that shields the body against infections, it is rich in antioxidants that protect against cellular damage, in addition to helping to strengthen the immune system.

Therefore, it is recommended to use only butter when you are about to bake a thicker and more consistent dough as a cornmeal cake, Chocolate Cake or orange cake.

On the other hand, when the dough is more liquid, unfortunately only the butter does not create that protective layer between the dough and the shape, that is, the chances of sticking are great.

EXTRA TIP: it is very important not to forget any space without butter, for that you can use a sheet of paper towel or a brush to help spread it, so no corner will stick! 😉

And when there is no butter to grease the pan?

Ah, this is the most common thing, when you are sure that there is enough butter in the fridge, you can bet, it hasn’t been there for days. And in those hours you can even beat a slight despair, especially if you are going to receive visitors or have a large order.

In these cases, choose to use margarine or oil yourself, always considering the amount so as not to overdo it. Now, if by chance you are also without these ingredients, the solution is to go for more creative measures.

The most viable way out at these times is to leave for the parchment paper, but anyone who is not used to using this material will certainly not have it available at home. The baking paper is highly recommended for baking cakes, as it does not allow anything to stick to the shape and prevents the cake from cracking.

However, if you don’t have it, appeal to the paper towel. Yes, it can easily replace parchment paper or any other method.

Choose good quality paper, which is thicker, as the thin one ends up tearing when unmolding. Line the bottom and sides of the pan, avoiding leaving gaps for the dough to escape and take it as you send the recipe. Then, wait for it to cool, unmold and carefully remove the paper towel sheets, it works very well.

EXTRA TIP: also choose a paper towel without designs or colors, as it can transfer toxic agents to your cake.

3 surefire tips for greasing the shape correctly

In the greasing step, it’s normal to think only of wheat flour, isn’t it? But there are other options – often healthier – to grease your shape, such as rice flour, oatmeal or wheat bran.

1. Traditional and most used method

Here you can choose margarine, butter or even cooking oil, remembering to spread it well in all corners of the pan. Then sprinkle some type of flour, the most common is wheat, but you can also use other types of flour like the ones I mentioned above.

Responsible for giving a healthier touch to recipes, “alternative” flours bring a differentiated texture, resulting in a tasty and easy to unmold cake.

2. Greased? Let the shape rest in the refrigerator!

The next tip is still unknown to many people, but it is simple and makes a difference. After it has been greased, especially if butter has been used for greasing, refrigerate for about 10 minutes.

These minutes will cause the butter to slightly harden, taking longer to melt in the oven. This process will guarantee more moisture to the form, prevent the dough from sticking to the side and make it easier to unmold.

3. As a last resort, use aluminum foil

If you forgot to buy the ingredients to anoint the shape and you don’t have time to go to the market, the way is to innovate in the kitchen. And one of the ways to do this is by using aluminum foil at the bottom of the pan, as a substitute for parchment paper or towel.

Therefore, cover the entire bottom with a thick layer of aluminum foil, remembering to place the shiny side facing the dough. This will simplify the time to unmold your cake.

Now you have learned different techniques and valuable tips to properly grease your shape and never have any problems when unmolding your sensational recipes. Share the tips! 😊

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