Can you store raw cake dough in the fridge? Check out important tips!

Does can store raw cake dough in the fridge? Yes, you can give the dough a cold, however, this must be done under some specific precautions, mainly to maintain the integrity of the recipe.

It is essential to know some tricks, because you never know if the gas will end well on time or if the recipe will yield a lot and leftover dough, right? Check out!

What to do with leftover cake dough?

Who has never done a different cake recipe with a lot of excitement and ended up with leftover dough? Or the blessed gas did you a favor to finish just when you had just added the yeast. This is common and everyone has passed or will pass.

I’ve heard of everything, people who covered the dish with a dish towel and left it over the sink waiting for the gas to arrive. Other people who desperately put the leftover dough into the microwave (turned off). Anyway, stories anyway.

However, it is essential to know how to act and act quickly. First of all, much of the baking powder used today is only activated under heat. In this case, the heat from the oven. Then, the reaction starts only when the mixture is heated.

« Ah, but then I can leave it over the sink even if everything is fine! » Not always, because if you live in a very hot place the dough will start to develop and then it is a race against time.

The most suitable, regardless of whether the gas ran out or if there is leftover dough, take it to the refrigerator. That’s right. This helps to cool the dough and prevent the yeast from developing. Know the care:

  • Make sure that the temperature of the refrigerator is not at maximum, so as not to freeze the mixture too much;
  • Position the dish or mold with the dough in the lowest part of the refrigerator, avoiding being close to the cold air outlet;
  • Cover the container so as not to risk drying out;
  • Preferably bake as soon as possible;
  • Do not leave for more than 24 hours. The dough can start to spoil due to the egg and everything, avoid this.

Can I use the raw cake dough to make another type of recipe?

can store raw cake dough in the fridge

Yes you can. One of the most common recipes to enjoy the leftover dough is to turn everything into delicious cupcakes. This is because both recipes have ingredients in common, which makes it a lot easier when converting and baking in the right format.

For this you can use molds suitable for cupcakes or if you don’t have them, you can also put them in molds for pies. In addition, as you’re building practically from scratch, you can use your creativity to create incredible fillings to accompany the dumplings.

If you make cupcakes in standard cupcake size, the oven time is about 20 minutes at 180 °, as if it were a regular cake recipe.

Now, if you notice that there is little raw dough left, you can also turn it into pot cake, because the amount of dough is much less than in a traditional cake recipe.

Can you freeze the raw cake dough?

No, it is not recommended freeze the raw cake dough. That’s because the consistency of the dough is totally altered, it loses flavor, it loses structure, it binds and it won’t be cool when it defrostes to bake.

And this is indifferent to the ingredients of the recipe, that is, it doesn’t matter if it is a thicker and fuller mixture, the result can be very bad. So, if you just mix and add the yeast, or you take it to the refrigerator to prevent the yeast from developing or baking immediately.

It is much easier to deal with leftover baked cake than running out of time so as not to lose the ingredients already included in the recipe.

You have now learned how to proceed. The truth is that there is nothing more delicious than enjoying a warm cake, freshly baked and that you know the freshness of the ingredients.

If you have any questions just leave it in the comments. Share the tips! 😊

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