How much cake filling? The more the better?

How much cake filling

How much cake filling? It depends a lot on the size of your cake. But in general, a measure of approximately 1 cup (tea) is sufficient.

It is necessary to take into account how many floors the cake will have and if the dough is aerated enough. If not, more filling will be needed to moisten a dry dough, for example. Check out below some important information that I have separated for you!

How to calculate the amount of filling correctly

How much cake filling

When we talk about artistic cakes, that is, cakes to sell, we have to think about several aspects. One is the uniformity of the slice. If it is a birthday or party cake, the slices need to be harmonious, with equal amounts of dough and filling.

When it is time to cut, it is necessary for the filling to appear as much as the dough. So it is very important cut and level the dough correctly before placing the filling.

In terms of quantity, for cakes made with American paste, the ideal is that a dough has two layers of filling, so that it does not run the risk of running down the sides. For simple cakes, you can make as many layers of filling as the height of the dough allows.

However, there is a simple calculation that you can follow, according to the diameter of your dough, taking into account only one layer of filling. Look:

  • 15cm in diameter: ½ cup of filling;
  • 20cm in diameter: ¾ cup of filling;
  • 25cm in diameter: 1 cup of filling;
  • 30cm in diameter: 1 and ¼ cup of filling;
  • 35cm in diameter: 1 and ½ cup of filling;
  • 40cm in diameter: 2 cups of filling.

EXTRA TIP: if you want to make more layers of filling for each cake recipe, just double the measurements that will work. 😉

Make a control table

“I received an order from a birthday cake of 2kg, how to calculate the amount of filling and coverage? ”

In this case, it is much more important to accurately calculate the amount of filling, as well as topping and other ingredients. decoration that are added. After all, you need to perfectly fulfill the customer’s request, otherwise you may waste ingredient and still come out at a loss.

For that, make a note, it can be on paper. Put the weight of the cake, filling, the weight of the dough and the icing. So, the first thing to do is to weigh your ready-made dough.

In the example, it will be a birthday cake. That way, you should have at least 4 mass disks. Therefore, the cake should have 2 layers of filling between the discs.

How would it look in practice? After you bake your pasta, weigh it on a cooking scale. Generally, for a 2kg cake the doughs usually weigh around 700g to 800g.

The topping for a 2kg cake is usually around 500g or 500ml. This means that the filling should be around 800g. It works just fine to divide 400g for each layer. 😉

For a general and easy calculation just think like this: the filling needs to have 40% of the total weight of the cake, the dough 30%, 10% syrup and approximately 25% whipped cream. For example: a 2kg cake would have 200ml of syrup, 600g of dough, 800g of filling and 500ml of whipped cream.

Do not limit yourself too much in the total weight, because usually it always passes a little of the order. However, it is better to spend a little bit than to deliver the parcel with less weight than was requested, do you agree?

The more filling, the better?

Not necessarily. I have seen many people say that a mega stuffed cake, which even overflows is what most wins customers. A well-filled cake at a professional level is one that is super balanced, both in flavor and texture.

If you add a lot more filling than dough, the cake will be very nauseating. In addition, you may lose the structure, especially if you have creamy filling. That means disaster. When cutting, your cake may collapse in front of the customer, in addition to starting to drain stuffing everywhere.

In my opinion, the filling and the dough should be the same thickness. To make it easier for you, try assembling the cake on an acetate sheet. That way, you will be able to see exactly the thickness of the dough discs and base the amount of filling for the cake.

In addition, you can take the cake mounted on acetate straight to the refrigerator. Wait to settle well for a few hours or from one day to the next and you will be able to cover it in peace. Your cake will be well structured and filled to the right measure!

I really hope I helped you in this important step. May these tips serve to improve your production process and who knows, make your hobby a real successful business. Share the tips!

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