How tall is the oven grid to bake cake? 4 important tips!

It is important to know what is the height of the oven grid to bake cakebecause it influences a lot. The lower grill may burn your cake, depending on the power of the oven.

So, the ideal thing is to bake cake on the top grill. If your oven has 3 grids, always bake in the middle grid to ensure a well-baked cake that is golden at the same time. Check out some more tips on how to bake your pasta properly!

And as for the electric oven, how high to bake?

Well, you can bake the cake normally at the height just above the resistance. There is no problem and it will not burn your dough. The only attention is that you need to program your oven at 180º only at the lower resistance.

The upper one will only serve to brown the cake. Therefore, wait for the time necessary to bake the cake, that is, 35 minutes. Then turn the heating up to 180º and let the cake brown for another 5 minutes. 😉

The biggest advantage of bake cake in electric oven is uniformity. My gas oven, for example, roasts more on one side than on the other. So, many times my cakes come out one side higher and more golden than the other.

With the electric oven this problem does not exist. He is able to bake the dough completely. But it is super important that you turn on the oven 10 minutes before taking it to bake. It is practically the same process as preheating the conventional gas oven.

Can you put two cakes in the oven at the same time?

Maybe yes bake two cakes at the same time. But care must be taken when choosing grids. If your shapes are the same size and fit in the middle grid, perfect! You can bake it as soon as it will work.

Now, if you have two tray-like shapes, they obviously won’t fit on the same grid. Therefore, the way out is to place one shape on the middle grid and the other on the top grid.

However, you will notice that the cake left in the middle grid will not be as golden as the top one. On the other hand, the cake left on the top grid may even pass the point.

So, be very careful at that moment. It is worth keeping an eye on the color of the cakes and, if necessary, remove the cake from the top grid a few minutes beforehand so as not to run any risk.

What you can’t really do is put cake to bake on the grill right next to the flames. The ideal height is about 15 centimeters away from the high temperature. 😉

4 quick tips on baking oven

what is the height of the oven grid to bake cake

1. Pay attention to temperature

I have seen many people who prefer to preheat the oven to 200º, as it only requires 10 minutes of preheating. However, there may be a forgetfulness to lower the temperature to 180º. Result? Your cake can burn and dry out.

So it is always good to preheat the oven in the ideal temperature so that there are no problems in the preparation.

2. How to test your oven temperature

You make the right recipe, but you usually solar the dough? Do you leave the time required in the recipe, but burn the cake? Then, your oven may be out of order.

Before calling a technician at your home, you can do a quick test yourself. First of all, preheat the oven to 180º for 20 minutes. Place 1 tablespoon of sugar on a piece of aluminum foil.

Then place this foil in a pan and bake. Set 10 minutes, turn off the oven and observe the results.

If the sugar melts completely and turns golden brown, the power of your oven is perfect. Now, if the sugar doesn’t melt, it means that the potency is too low and that must be why your cakes are soloing.

On the other hand, if you notice that the sugar has burned, the potency is too high. In this case, it is worth calling a technician to have a look. 😉

3. Is there a better oven for professional cakes?

Intends work with selling homemade cakes? So, you need to know that the choice of equipment influences a lot. When we are going to make cakes in large quantities, we must have an oven to support this demand.

Conventional ovens are recommended for small orders. Therefore, it is only possible to bake up to 4 cakes at a time. As for professional recipes, it is indicated a industrial oven. I have seen many confectioners start with the famous guillotine oven and it serves the needs of small businesses very well.

4. How to keep the oven moist

If you make a cake with more liquid dough or that needs more oven time, try placing 1 cup with water inside the oven. It may even be those molds of patties or ramekin.

This will help to keep the environment moist and ensure a more moist and fluffy mass. 😉

I really hope I helped to resolve your doubts. Now you will have much more security to bake cakes like a real professional. Share the tips!

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