How to cool the cake faster? Tips and step by step to not make mistakes!

There are tricks when it comes to how to cool the cake faster, the main one is also the simplest. Remove the cake from the oven and let it cool naturally for 5 to 10 minutes. But choose a place without a lot of cold air, so that it doesn’t wilt.

Only those who make a delicious recipe know the anxiety to unmold the cake right away, but when it comes to an order every minute is worth gold. So, below are some tips to cool the cake quickly without spoiling. Come on?

Is it possible to cool the cake faster? Does it work? Find it out!

Yes, it is entirely possible. I like to think that this is a tricky question, especially for those less experienced in the kitchen. This is because it is essential to let the cake cool to unmold, but not to the point that it is totally cold. In fact, it complicates the process and facilitates the emergence of cracks on the cake.

Know that I’ve seen people cooling the cake with a fan? Yes, the person baked it, removed it from the oven and left it in an environment with a fan on, not directly on the cake, but still throwing cold air. I don’t even have to say what happened, do I?

The cake withered in some parts and blistered in others, that is, practically lost recipe. Another thing to avoid is to remove it from the oven and take it to the refrigerator, as the thermal shock it can “kill” your recipe.

So, what is the right way to lower the temperature of the cake? I created a step by step with tips, check out:

  1. Respect the cooking time and temperature;
  2. As soon as the oven time is up, check that there is no cold draft passing through the environment, such as open doors and windows;
  3. I’ve seen people let the cake cool in the oven, but the residual temperature continues to bake, the cake dries out and burns;
  4. The right thing is to remove it from the oven, leave it on a cloth or even on the stove, avoiding cold surfaces at all costs;
  5. Leave for 5 to 10 minutes and unmold;
  6. Now you can take it to the fridge to cool completely, but remember to cover it with plastic wrap so it doesn’t dry out;
  7. If you don’t want to take it to the fridge, the way is to unmold the cake and place it on a cake rack;
  8. Thus, it will naturally cool, preserve softness and aroma.

4 tips to unmold cake and prevent it from wilting

1. Is your oven ready to bake correctly?

You have preheated your oven correctly before taking the dough to bake? Preheating is one of the most important steps, as it is when the oven gains « structure » to bake the cake in the right way, and this must be done for at least 20 minutes before the cake goes into the oven.

If you want to preheat to 220 °, you can, but when baking the temperature must be between 180 ° to 200 ° at the most, everything depends on the recipe.

2. Its shape must be properly greased

Think about the process of greasing the way the cake lays. If there is no protective layer it is likely that the cake will stick. And when baking this can be aggravated because the dough will be adhered to the wall of the pan, making it difficult to bake properly.

Grease it in advance, using butter and, if possible, a healthier flour, such as oatmeal or rice flour. Depending on the recipe, it is recommended to use parchment paper and grease on top, in order to ensure that it does not stick.

EXTRA TIP: after greasing, try to take the mold to the refrigerator for 10 minutes, so the butter gains consistency and improves the protection for the non-solar cake.

3. Keeping an eye on the exact oven temperature

« Ah, my visits will arrive at any time, I need to speed up the time to bake, so I’m going to raise the temperature to walk soon! ». In practice it works like this: the cake needs adequate temperature and time to grow, form a structure and bake.

When you increase the temperature disproportionately, the cake will be forced to grow, at the imminent risk of being raw inside. In addition, you increase the chances of the cake completely wilting, since there is no internal structure to hold the growth.

4. Do not open the oven during the cooking process

how to cool the cake faster

If you’ve heard the catchphrase: haste is the enemy of perfection, know that this applies to the fourth tip.

That’s because the anxiety about seeing if the cake is growing can cause you to open the oven ahead of time (specifically in the first 20 minutes), letting in cold air and losing temperature.

Therefore, in the first 20 minutes you must not open the oven at all. The mass needs to grow, gain structure and establish itself. If there is no way and the oven must be opened, wait for 20 minutes, open slowly and make sure that there is no cold air circulation.

Finally, just apply what you learned here today, that is, unmold correctly and go for the best moment, the tasting. I hope this information was helpful, don’t forget to share the tips! 😊

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