Ready dough cake need to put yeast? Know the truth!

ready dough cake needs to put yeast

Does ready dough cake needs to put yeast? All packages do not require yeast. But if you want a fluffy and more developed cake, you can put it, without any problems.

I took advantage and selected some very important information that will help you to make a cake with perfect ready dough. Let’s check it out?

When should I put yeast in a ready-made dough recipe?

Put yeast in ready dough, if you want to increase the recipe or make it more fluffy. All cake dough bundles come with yeast. But as the mixture goes through a rigorous industrialization process, the action of this yeast contained in the recipe may not be as efficient.

Therefore, many people complain that the cake does not grow as it should. I, in particular, always use yeast in ready-made doughs. This coupled with other techniques help to have a cake with such a homemade flavor that it doesn’t even look like ready-made dough.

What is the amount of yeast for ready-made dough?

The ideal amount of yeast for ready-made dough cake is 1 tbsp. It is important to emphasize that this measure must be shallow. O excess yeast it can cause other problems such as making the cake sink or become raw in some parts.

So don’t overdo it. In fact, if you want to increase a ready-made dough recipe, do not touch the yeast. 1 tablespoon is enough for a recipe with up to 10 eggs. 😉

6 true tips for a homemade ready-to-eat dough cake

ready dough cake needs to put yeast

1. Beat the eggs very well

Most packages order 3 eggs. Try beating these eggs in the mixer for approximately 5 minutes. You will see that they will double in volume. This will help to bring more aeration and softness to your mass. 😉

Then you can add the butter and beat for another 3 minutes. When forming a very creamy mixture, you can alternate the addition of the cake mixture with the milk.

2. Beat egg whites

This is an alternative to the previous tip for obtaining a extremely fluffy cake. To do this, just separate the egg whites from the egg yolks. Beat only the egg whites for about 5 minutes and set aside.

Then beat the egg yolks with butter until creamy. Then you can continue the recipe as normal. Add the egg whites at the end, when the dough is ready. 😉

3. Add more flavor!

This tip is special for simple or party cake mixes. So, try adding 1 tablespoon of vanilla essence to the batter. In addition to bringing a more golden color to the cake, it will leave your dough with a special homemade taste. 😉

There are other ingredients that you can test. I already did it ready dough cake with coconut, chopped fruit, chocolate droplets, colorful sprinkles, liqueur, lemon or orange zest, plums, dry fruits, powdered cinnamon, fennel, almonds or walnuts.

Anyway, there are a multitude of ideas that can make your cake more creative and different. Take the opportunity to test all these tips!

4. The secret ingredient for double cuteness!

To do cake with cornstarch it is the secret of many confectioners. But can you add Maizena to the finished dough? Yes, you can add, but in a minimal amount. Remember that the mixture already has enough wheat flour. So, there is no substitute.

So just add 1 shallow spoon. It will be enough to obtain a fluffy, well-structured and developed cake. Do the test!

5. Different cake with syrup

There are more than 14 types of syrups that can bring a totally different flavor to your finished dough cake. Don’t just stick to the traditional flavor, combine flavors and textures. Everyone will be mouth watering!

I really like using a creamy chocolate syrup on top of the cake. I take the opportunity to bake the dough in a pan with a hole in the middle. So, my cake is beautifully decorated, ready to be enjoyed!

6. Crunchy crust

A very special tip I give you is to grease the pan with butter and sprinkle with sugar. When this shape goes into the oven, the sugar will melt and form a kind of caramel.

When the cake is ready, you will have an ultra crunchy cone. In addition, it helps to make the cake more golden. It looks beautiful!

Now you have already become an expert in making cakes with ready-made dough, right? So, start applying all of these techniques today. I’m sure it will make a big difference in your recipe, trust me! Take the time to share the tips! ♥

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