recipe that yields 35 cookies!

A good one chocolate dough for cake in pot it should yield enough to increase profitability. But what are the secrets?

The chocolate cake is a guarantee of success and pleases everyone. For the shape in the pot, it is interesting to prepare a very light, airy and tasty dough.

I took the opportunity to select the best recipe + incredible tips for you. Check out!

Chocolate dough that yields 35 cakes in the jar


  • 6 eggs
  • 2 cups of tea
  • 1 cup of tea
  • 6 cups of wheat flour
  • 3 cups of tea
  • 2 cups of cocoa powder
  • 1 spoon (coffee) of baking soda
  • 1 + ½ tablespoon of baking powder

Preparation mode

  1. In an electric mixer, place the eggs, sugar and oil.
  2. Beat these ingredients for about 5 minutes, as it is the base of the dough and should be homogeneous.
  3. Then add the wheat flour, baking soda, cocoa powder and milk.
  4. Now, carefully, whisk everything together to add just right to the mixture.
  5. When you notice that the dough is smooth and you cannot see the ingredients, add the baking powder.
  6. Mix the yeast to the dough with a spatula instead of an electric mixer, as this way you do not activate the yeast.
  7. Transfer to a greased and floured form.
  8. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 ° for about 40 to 45 minutes.

You can even make it in a blender, but as it is a lot of ingredients, I advise you to use a mixer or beat the cake in hand.

Another thing, add the wheat flour and cocoa powder little by little, as this helps to incorporate and develop the dough better.

EXTRA TIP: if you use the crumbed dough in the pot cake, there is no need to grease and flour the mold, but if you assemble the pots with the cut cake, the ideal is to grease the mold, so you save if you do not need to grease.

Chocolate dough for cake in the pot has to be aerated!

Focusing only on the flavor of the pasta can make you forget all the other attributes that the pasta should have. I say this because one of the main qualities that your dough should have is to be very airy, fluffy and very soft.

You know that dough you squeeze and it has a lot of elasticity? So, for the pot cake this is the ideal dough, as it makes the finalization of the recipe more beautiful and helps to absorb syrups and fillings.

I selected 4 tips that will help you prepare perfect pasta. Look at that!

1. Ingredients only at room temperature

Who never rushed to prepare the dough did not get the milk straight from the refrigerator, used chilled eggs for a long time or even the frozen butter, didn’t they?

As much as it speeds up the process, it is not recommended, especially if you want to get an aerated mass.

This is because when they are in room temperature, it’s easier to mix everything and incorporate everything. Especially butter, which helps to make the dough more smooth and creamy. 😉

So, prepare in advance and leave everything separate before doing.

2. Sift all dry ingredients

This technique is the most important to let the fluffy cake. Then, separate the flour, sugar, yeast, baking soda and other dry ingredients and pass through the sieve.

The trick happens because when you sift you eliminate all the moisture that usually accumulates between the grains of the ingredient, which is exactly what makes the dough super heavy.

Even sifting guarantees the removal of any impurities, such as a sugar pellet or a lump of wheat flour. So, preparation is your best strategy. 😉

3. Avoid beating wheat flour and baking powder

chocolate dough for cake in pot

I have to confess that it makes me nervous when I see people put the whole amount of wheat flour directly into the mixer or blender.

Doing so greatly increases the chances of batting the dough, leaving it alone or heavy. The right thing is to hit the hand with a stick or spatula and, in the last case, add it gradually in the mixer, remembering that it has to be sifted.

Also, avoid beating the flour too long, just enough to incorporate it into the mixture.

4. When putting the yeast in the dough, take it to the oven without delay!

Finally, the ingredient that makes the cake grow and become soft should be given special attention. Only put the yeast at the last moment before going to the oven and, under no circumstances, overdo it when mixing it with the recipe.

The right thing is to mix slowly with a spoon or spatula, because when it comes in contact with the rest of the mixture, its development process begins. Did you add the yeast? Take it to the oven immediately.

Another thing, the oven needs to be preheated to 180º for at least 10 minutes. Thus, there is no risk that the cake will not grow. 😉

Want to learn even more tips like these? So, I strongly recommend that you get to know the Professional Pot Cake Course, as you will have access to many tips, step by step of different recipes and tips for making money from cakes in the pot.

I really hope you liked the tips, be sure to share to help more people and see you next time!

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