Silicone cake pan: How to use? Need to grease?

You usually use silicone cake mold? If you still have a lot of questions about how to use it, know that you are not the only person. The silicone molds arrived to innovate the confectionery processes in the kitchen, but many people are still very afraid to use them.

After all, is it safe enough? What are the main precautions to take? Need to grease? Microwaveable? If you also have some of these doubts, today I will explain everything about the form of silicone.

You will see in this article what are the biggest advantages of using. It is one more option to increase the productivity of the kitchen. He doubts? So just check out this super important information about the famous silicone cake shape.

How to use silicone cake pan?

The shape of silicone is the favorite of many people because it is super versatile, it brings many different shapes that, without a doubt, makes your cake much more beautiful. In addition, we can find silicone shapes for different preparations such as puddings, breads and cupcakes, not to mention the attractive colors.

There is no secret to use silicone mold for cake, it is simple to handle. An important tip that is worth not forgetting is to place the form on a flat steel baking sheet.

This is because the material of the silicone mold is very flexible, and with the high temperature it may affect the shape of your cake because it is not so firm. But that depends on each material.

If you invest in a high quality form, you will certainly not have problems with possible accidents, such as pouring the dough, folding the form, etc.

Silicone form need to grease?

In general, the silicone form does not need to be greased, as it is a soft material. Only in the first uses, most manufacturers recommend to grease it with a little oil to make it easier to unmold.

Another way to use your silicone mold is to put parchment paper to line the mold.

But in this case, it is more a matter of choice, because the paper will cover all the details of the form. So if you want to make money with homemade cakes and want to make your cake more graceful, you can use the pan without greasing, no problem.

But remember to certify the quality of the shape first. If it is of low quality, it may possibly stick to your cake. There it will always be necessary to grease it with oil before taking it to the oven to bake.

Main advantages of using silicone form

silicone cake mold

One of the biggest advantages of using the silicone form is, without a doubt, practicality. Since there is no need to grease and they are completely non-stick.

Another advantage is the ease of cleaning. Because it is non-stick, it hardly leaves residues that are difficult to remove. And the best way to clean your shape is to soak it for a few minutes in warm water to remove the fat and loosen any traces.

The silicone form does not retain odor or taste. Then, you can prepare both savory and sweet dishes in the same way. Its non-porous surface ensures that no ingredients remain in it.

One advantage that many people love is the ease of storing. The silicone cake mold fits anywhere, can be folded, crushed and never loses its original shape. There will always be a corner in the closet for your shape.

Product durability is also a major cost-benefit factor. With a silicone form you will not worry about stains, damage from rusting, kneading or looking worn. It is a great savings that is worthwhile.

And the last advantage is that this type of shape bakes the cakes entirely. The material heats up quickly and also cools faster than aluminum and stainless steel, for example. This means more productivity in the kitchen and guarantee of excellent recipes.

Main care of use

  • Always observe the manufacturer’s instructions. Perhaps the temperature indicated is different for each one.
  • Put only 2/3 of the dough in the pan, always leaving a space to grow.
  • Wait for the cake to cool completely before unmolding.
  • Do not under any circumstances use sharp objects to remove the cake from the pan. This can permanently damage your shape.
  • Do not use steel sponges for cleaning. Always wash your shape with the softer side of the sponge.
  • Normally the temperature required in the recipes can be reduced by about 10º to 20º depending on the quality of the shape.

Can silicone form go to the microwave?

This is a question that many confectioners have. Silicone, contrary to what it seems, is a very resistant material and was produced precisely to withstand high temperatures. Therefore, it is also indicated for cake preparation in the microwave.

And the care for use is the same as for the conventional oven. Try not to overfill the form so as not to cause accidents and make the entire microwave dirty.

How much does a silicone cake pan cost?

When choosing the best form of silicone for the preparation of your homemade cakes, my best tip is to compare prices and always read the manufacturer’s information.

But in general the values ​​vary a lot according to the size of the shape. You can find on the internet from R $ 15.00 to R $ 35.00. Some good quality options are: this one from Americanas and this one from Shoptime.

Some manufacturers increase materials in the form to make it more resistant and firmer, such as the one I also found at Americanas. The value, of course, goes up a little, this goes for R $ 79.00.

And you can find it in various unusual shapes like flowers, heart, star and different colors, which will make your cake more attractive and interesting. Be sure to check the size and height of the shape when searching the internet.

Silicone molds are the new darlings of cooks. Do you want to innovate in utensils and give a new look to your homemade cakes? So you can bet on that model that will certainly not let you down.

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