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The pave is a dessert inspired by French cuisine that makes a huge success in Brazil. In this sense, the passion fruit pavê joins the perfection of this dish to the tropical fruit that has our hearts. To check out the recipes of this delight, check out the complete article!

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1. Plain passion fruit pave

This pave is made with simple ingredients, for you to make at home now. It has a super easy passion fruit mousse and Maizena biscuit, making it the perfect candy for any time!

2. Passionfruit pave with Tang juice

A very practical and tasty dessert, which is made with passion fruit Tang juice, flavorless gelatine, yogurt, condensed milk and cream. In the layers, you can use chocolate biscuit, guaranteeing an incredible combination!

3. Passion fruit pave with biscuit

That’s the kind of recipe that’s not only beautiful, but delicious! The base is made of Maizena biscuits moistened in milk and a concentrated passion fruit juice cream. On top of that, a whim in a jelly made with the pulp of this wonderful fruit.

4. Passionfruit pave with crushed biscuit

If you like crispy texture, this recipe is for you! Besides the Maizena biscuits interspersed with the cream, they go on top crushed with a passion fruit pulp jelly.

5. Passion fruit pave with cream cheese

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This pebble is surprising because it unites three desserts that we love in one base: passion fruit mousse, the pebble itself and the cheesecake. You can already imagine the taste, right?

6. Passion fruit pave with egg white

Snowy white gives your pave a well aerated texture. Moreover, in this recipe, you use a base similar to confectioner’s cream, making the sweet even more complete.

7. Passion fruit pave with whipped cream

More than spectacular, this option has the layers well defined and a finish worthy of professional! In the assembly, you will use fresh cream whipped cream and grated white chocolate.

8. Passion fruit pave with cookies

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This recipe is a real find! The texture is perfect, the taste of cookies enchants and the vanilla cream with the sour passion fruit… You can’t even speak. To check out all the tips, follow the step by step blog!

9. Passion fruit pave with coconut

The coconut cream on this pave is another option that will win you over and looks beautiful in a large glass bowl. To prepare this cream, you will need corn starch, milk, cream, grated coconut and condensed milk.

10. Passionfruit pave with chocolate filling

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Chocolate + passion fruit is an extraordinary combination. So, remembering the taste of a stuffed truffle, this dessert is great for the end of year parties. Give it a try!

11. Passion fruit pave with chocolate

Here, the layers are made with chocolate-flavoured biscuits and with a glaze made of half-bitter chocolate ganache. The passion fruit comes in a stunning mousse!

12. Passionfruit pave with white chocolate shavings

This recipe is all you need to innovate the Christmas menu. The preparation takes white chocolate and the flavors are accentuated by the syrup, made with concentrated passion fruit juice, water, a touch of cachaça and sugar.

13. Passionfruit pave with two chocolates

With a medium bitter chocolate ganache and a white chocolate ganache with passion fruit + milk powder, this recipe is composed of three layers. It’s delicious!

Before preparing one of these desserts, how about seeing more options with this delicious fruit? To do so, learn how to make passion fruit brigadeiro and add more preparations to your wish list!

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