Cookie Romeo and Juliet – complete recipe

romeo and juliet cookie

The cookie has taken over bakeries and pastry shops, almost everywhere you can find the traditional cookie, but today you will learn a Brazilian version, the Cookie Romeo and Juliet, with a cheese dough and pieces of guava paste.

romeo and juliet cookie

The sweet Romeo and Juliet is nothing more than a cheese with guava paste, a very Minas Gerais recipe, which will now gain its version of Cookie. We learned this recipe in a charming sweet shop in São Paulo, a lot of clubs, where cookies are very successful. And today you can make this recipe at home.

Cookie Romeo and Juliet

100 grams butter
85 grams brown sugar
60 grams crystal sugar
60 grams of grated cheese
150 grams of wheat flour
180 grams guava husk cut into small squares
1 egg
5 ml vanilla essence
5 grams yeast

Preparation mode:
First, beat the sugars and butter in an electric mixer for 2 min, using a paddle or globe-type beater. The butter has to be in an ointment point, it is the main fat in the recipe, which will give the cookie moisture.

Then add the egg (it will bind the dough) and the grated cheese and vanilla, then beat for another 2 minutes.

Then turn off the mixer and add the sifted wheat flour, mix until smooth, but do not mix too much. Then add the chopped guava and mix. Here I like to use the guava smudge type.

Take a baking sheet and line it with parchment paper, make little balls with the dough and place it on the baking sheet.

Finally, refrigerate for 2 hours, then finally bake in a preheated 180 degree oven. They take an average of 20 minutes to bake.

It will come out of the oven still soft and when it cools it will be crunchy

Remove with a spatula one by one, then place on cooling racks to keep its crispness even after it is cold.


This cookie is very moist inside and the guava paste can stick a little to the pan, if you want you can sprinkle icing sugar when the Romeo and Juliet cookie comes out of the oven.

romeo and juliet cookie

Do it at your house, and tell us how it turned out. See also our Red Velvet Cookie recipe, it is also delicious. In addition to being a classic candy, it’s something pretty much everyone likes.

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