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english cream recipe

This is one of the most famous creams in the world’s confectionery, that’s right Creme Inglês is used by chefs all over the world. A very famous chef with several international certificates taught us this recipe, and today we are going to share it with you.

english cream recipe

Worm cream is made with milk or sour cream, sugar, egg yolks and a flavoring like vanilla, and the amount of each of these ingredients makes a big difference in coagulation speed, texture and flavor.

ready-to-eat cream

English Cream Recipe

250 grams of whole milk
80 grams of sugar
1/2 vanilla bean or 10 grams of vanilla extract or 8 grams of vanilla paste
60 grams of yolks

Preparation mode:
First, in a pan, put half the sugar, milk and vanilla bean zest on the fire. With the help of a fuê, mix so that it is well mixed.

In a separate bowl, mix the yolks with the other half of the sugar.

When the milk boils, it is necessary to temper the yolks, so that they gradually heat up and do not clot too quickly, spoiling the cream’s structure.

staging mode

Put one ladle of hot milk at a time into the yolk mixture and mix well until all the milk is finished.

Return the mixture to the pan and stir with a spatula until it thickens. The point that must be reached is the point that occurs when you trace a path on the spatula with your finger, and the cream remains, it does not run, this process of checking the texture of the cream is known as “cuisson à la nappe”.

Place the cream in a bowl, cover with plastic wrap and set aside refrigerated.

staging mode

The cooking of the English cream should not exceed 85º C, or until reaching the nappé point.

English cream recipe

To flavor the cream you can use vanilla. When we talk about flavoring with vanilla, we can use beans, essence or paste. However, be aware of the essence, as it can leave your cream with an artificial flavor. If you want another cream, we also have the famous confectioner’s cream here.

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